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We use the tool on webforms used by customers to ensure we receive standardized, accurate addresses. Fulfillment of delivery of packages has been greatly improved since using Smarty.

Paul WSr Product Manager

Every plan includes:

Legendary Support

Talk to a US-based team member with no lengthy waits or outsourcing.

Cloud-Based Hosting

All features are hosted in the cloud.

Additional add-ons can include:

SOC2 Compliance

Industry standard 3rd-party audit that demonstrates our commitment to security and long-term sustainability.

Dedicated Account Rep

A go-to Smarty representative for all of your needs.

Emergency Support

Top-priority support for your needs.

GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation (European).

CCPA Compliance

California Consumer Privacy Act.

HIPAA Compliance

Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Enhanced Data Privacy

Data processed through our tools is not logged at all. Learn more

Custom Legal Terms

We can apply custom legal terms for your company.


Can I keep the data I get from Smarty's International Address Autocomplete?

Yes, you can keep the data you get from our International Address Autocomplete. Even if you choose to end your subscription, you'll still have access to the previously entered addresses.

How does Smarty count International Address Autocomplete lookups?

Each time you select an address from the autocomplete dropdown, it counts as one lookup - the number of address suggestions we return doesn’t matter.

How does an International Address Autocomplete subscription work?

A subscription expires when the lookups or the time runs out, whichever comes first. At that moment, by default, the subscription automatically renews at the same level. There's no pause in service. You can choose to auto-renew at a different level or turn off the auto-renew altogether by going to your subscriptions page and clicking the auto-renew menu.