VIP Onboarding

Are you ready to be pampered?
Because we're ready to roll out the red carpet for you!
Smarty Team

Enterprise accounts are treated to our awesome VIP Onboarding.

We tailor your initial experience and ongoing training exactly to your needs. You'll get personalized help to make your implementation and use of Smarty services as smooth and pleasant as possible.

You're always welcome to devour our thorough documentation to get up and running on your own. After all, setting up Smarty APIs is pretty straightforward.

But sometimes you just want to talk to a real human being. And we love talking to our customers as well. It's a win / win!

What You'll Get

We know our services will help improve your business and we're excited to help you start realizing those benefits right out of the gate.

In the initial 25-minute VIP Onboarding, we'll take any stress out of getting started. Some of the hot topics we'll cover are:

  • Introduction to Your Account Dashboard
  • How to Add Subscriptions
  • How to Add More Users
  • Key Elements of our Documentation

We'll also answer any questions you have during the onboarding call. And whenever you have a question with your account or service, just reach out and we'll respond right away, one-on-one.

Don't pass up a chance to get the awesome support from our Customer Success team. Sign up for an Enterprise plan today and get your VIP Onboarding!

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