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Benefits for clients using our NCOA service

IMPORTANT: We no longer provide NCOA services. Find out why.

With the upcoming launch of the NEW NCOA services from Qualified Address, I thought I would post some benefits clients can look forward to receiving:

  • Less return mail with out-of-date addresses.
  • Results returned faster, cheaper, and easier than any other NCOA provider.
  • Less time spent updating return mail to update addresses.
  • Savings on postage cost from returned mail.
  • Reduction in the number of pages clients print for mailing-- not only does this save the organization money it also helps its green status.
  • Greater faith in the accuracy of your data-- this impacts your ability to properly segment your markets, and thereby better communicate with your various customers.
  • Messages delivered to customers sooner because the correct address is used the first time, no need to resend.
  • Clean database-- reducing the time clients take to manage records which yield no return.
  • Greater discounts from USPS (these are offered to bulk mailers who perform NCOA on their data).
  • Standardized addresses that fit all USPS standards, as well as provide zip +4 information.
  • Provided Return Codes, which indicate that a match was obtained. These are accompanied by either a new address or undeliverable status, and help clients better analyze their data.
  • To underscore the importance of NCOA, USPS estimates over 40 million Americans change their address annually. The larger the constituent list, the higher potential to lose contact with people as their addresses change.

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