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The Answer to Life and Address Verification = SmartyStreets!

For a while now, our address scrubbing service has only deducted scrubbing lookups from your account when you download the finished list- a huge improvement over the previous method of deducting lookups when the list is submitted for processing. We've also been providing a free trial for a long time, but we really haven't been very proud of the free trialhere's why:

  • You have to go through checkout to get it (even though you're not charged)
  • The free trial only provides 25 lookups, which means that your test list can't have more than 25 addresses
  • Once you used up the 25 lookups they are gone forever... :(

So, get ready for something revolutionary!

...Drum roll, please..........

We will now be offering a free downloadable preview for every list you process! This preview will include the first 42 records from your file. Gone are the days of a one-time, multi-step, limited free trial! It's like you now get a free trial with every list you process! So, if you're not satisfied with the address verification results in the preview, you don't have to download the full output and you'll never have to pay for that list (you can just delete it from your account using our slick new interface).

We believe that you should feel totally comfortable with what we provide before you make any monetary commitment. Now, get back to your account and process some lists to see the previews!

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