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Apartment address validation case study - Kibage home care

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US Address Verification
US Rooftop Geocoding
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Need for home care service address accuracy
US Street Address API and Geocoding API
Verified, geocoded apartment addresses
Kibage user going through a task list tied to a validated, geocoded apartment address.

The client: Kibage

Kibage’s goal is to unite families together to reduce the cost of care while increasing the quality of care for a loved one. With three integrated solutions, Kibage puts the power back into the hands of the family caregiver and brings families, professional caregivers, and remote monitoring together on the same platform.
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The challenge: Need for home care service address accuracy

More than 65 million adults, 29% of the U.S. population, spend an average of 20 hours per week providing free care for their loved ones. Kibage knows that these people need help because the total estimated aggregate of lost wages, pension, and social security benefits for these adult children is nearly $3 trillion.

Further, according to the Genworth Financial 2020 Cost of Care Survey, the cost of home care services increased 4.44% to an annual median cost of $53,7681.

Kibage offers an alternative—a free app that allows family caregivers to build their own network of friends & family to volunteer and help a loved one. When no one is available, and with a push of a button, Kibage's trained and vetted professionals can step in at any moment to help. Care tasks can be created and assigned to one another so that everyone knows the care that is happening with loved ones at all times.

If a task cannot be done by a friend or family member, it may be assigned through an easy in-app purchase to Kibage to handle the care. Kibage also offers remote monitoring and response services, and a full service care agency.

The Kibage system revolves around a central table of addresses. It is vital for those addresses to be validated and geocoded in order to provide care to the right location in a timely manner.

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Jeff Collison
CEO & Co-Founder, Kibage
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We implemented Google's mapping API first and quickly found out they don’t do secondary address validation…Many of our clients are in apartment buildings; we have to have a specific location to send a caregiver out.
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lookup =

lookup.street = '1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy' = 'Mountain View'
lookup.state = 'CA'
lookup.zipcode = '21229'


result = lookup.result

The solution: US Street Address API and Geocoding API

Kibage integrates Smarty address verification and geocoding API into their platform to deliver on their promise.
Using Smarty US Address Verification API, Kibage is able to validate addresses including apartment unit numbers. They also use the Smarty auto complete feature in the Kibage app, which suggests apartment and suite numbers, helps prevent users from omitting directionals and street suffixes, and saves the user time when setting up their account.
Kibage initially signed up for a Smarty free trial to evaluate the software and see how their developers liked it. The development team had the address verification integration up and running smoothly in less than 2 days.
Collison credits the modern technology and excellent API documentation for the smooth integration. He noted that it would have been more difficult to integrate the Kibage app with some of the older legacy address validation products on the market.
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The Smarty modern technology made the choice very easy. Integration was super simple. It’s everything we needed and wanted.
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Jeff CollisonCEO & Co-Founder, Kibage

The results: Verified, geocoded apartment addresses

A rapidly growing startup, Kibage is servicing 150 hours of service per day, helping many families balance their loved ones’ needs with their own.

Currently operating in the Southeast Michigan market, Kibage is working on opening a second base of operations in Orlando, Florida.

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The Smarty software has really helped us automate and scale more quickly than a traditional service could.
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Jeff CollisonCEO & Co-Founder, Kibage
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