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Smarty is a remarkable company with a remarkable team of people behind it, and an equally remarkable product. We've integrated Smarty's API to validate addresses with ease. The depth of their API is spectacular, and so was the support from the entire team. And their ensuing pricing is better than any other company in this space. I highly recommend Smarty to anyone needing domestic or international address validation.

Konstantin MonastyrskyGoogle Review

Every plan includes:

Legendary Support

Talk to a US-based team member with no lengthy waits or outsourcing.

250 Countries and Territories

We support all 195 countries and 45+ territories in the world.

Multiple Language / Character Support

Supports the input of character sets such as Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese (kanji), and Chinese.

Single-Line or Multiple-Line Address Entry

Data is parsed and cleaned whether submitted in a single line or multiple lines.

Address Components

The various parts that make up a full address (such as a house number, street type, etc.).

Formatted Postal Code

The postal code is formatted for the country or territory.

Address Match Level

Indicates the accuracy of the address match (premise, street, city, state/province).


The correct state/province is returned. This may also be an equivalent administrative area.

3 Character ISO Code

The three-letter country code defined in ISO 3166-1.


The correct city name is returned.

Country-Specific Address Format

Smarty will return the address formatted correctly for the country or territory of the address.

Latitude / Longitude

The coordinate system that pinpoints the location of the address, to six decimal places of precision.

Custom plans can include:

Unlimited Lookups

A custom plan can support unlimited lookups.

VIP Onboarding

Awesome onboarding for enterprise-level accounts. Learn more

GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation (European).

Custom Country Selection

Coverage for 250 countries and territories. Contact Sales to customize which countries you need.

Dedicated Account Rep

A go-to Smarty representative for all of your needs.

HIPAA Compliance

Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

SOC2 Compliance

Industry standard 3rd-party audit that demonstrates our commitment to security and long-term sustainability.

CCPA Compliance

California Consumer Privacy Act.

Custom Legal Terms

We can apply custom legal terms for your company.


Which countries are included in Smarty's International Address Verification?

"Smarty's™ International Address Verification covers "all countries and territories.

How do paid subscriptions work?

"A paid subscription is valid for a fixed period or a number of lookups, whichever comes first. Learn more at "How Paid Subscriptions Work."

How is International Address Verification billed?

"Your Smarty International Address Verification subscription is billed per lookup. Each address you send to our International Street Address API counts as one lookup. From small plans to custom-built unlimited plans, rest assured we have a subscription that will meet your business's needs."

What happens when my plan runs out?

Smarty™'s got you covered. We send you an alert when only 10% of your lookups are left. If you get a notification that you’re running out, just log in to your dashboard and update your subscription to meet your new needs. Learn more.

What are the overage costs?

We don’t have overage costs on depleted plans. Every yearly subscription with Smarty has an expiration date that’s 365 days from the purchase date. If you drain your lookups before the expiration, your API requests will return a 402 error, \"payment required.\" To avoid interrupted service, you can choose auto-renewal, which will renew a subscription with the same license/API before the depletion date. When renewing with an annual plan, your subscription will reset the expiration date to 365 days from the renewal date.

How do renewals work?

There are two ways to renew—you can set up your account to auto-renew or you can choose to be invoiced by Smarty (please note that only annual plans exceeding $500 are eligible for invoicing). Opting for automatic renewal means you never have to worry about your service shutting off due to exceeding your plan's limits. When you have used 90% of your lookups, we'll send you an email to alert you that an automated billing charge is coming up. To learn more about our invoicing process and terms, please contact our Sales Team.

How much does it cost to cancel?

There are no cancellation fees. You have no commitments with Smarty's month-to-month plans, so there’s no cancellation fee. To cancel an annual plan, please contact your sales representative or send an email to

Can I make a one-time purchase of Smarty International Address Verification?

Easy. Select a monthly plan with sufficient lookups, then tell us you don't want to renew automatically. That's it. Note that if you purchase 10,000 lookups and then process 15,000 addresses, you will be responsible for the additional lookups.