Gianmarco leads Smarty as Legal Counsel and plays a prominent role in Human Resource Management. With over two decades of experience practicing law, Gianmarco ensures Smarty remains compliant with all business, employment, and contractual obligations. He provides legal advice for licensing agreements, purchases, risk management, and adherence to data privacy laws which protects our company and our clients. Gianmarco also oversees third-party auditing of our security controls, business continuity, and disaster recovery. His experience extends beyond legal duties having previously worked as a project manager, a mortgage loan officer, and a teacher. Gianmarco has a mission of helping others achieve excellence and is instrumental in serving the needs of our employees and customers.

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By Gianmarco Rosborough on June 24, 2024
In our recent webinar, Gianmarco Rosborough, Smarty's legal counsel, provided valuable insights on smart practices and legal considerations for using address data.  Smarty offers the most accurate and easy-to-implement address intelligence suite, processing billions of addresses daily with a reliable API. This tool helps businesses clean data, lower shipping costs, and enhance user experiences with exceptional support. If your organization works with addresses, it's important for you to be aware of the legal ramifications of storing bad address data.