Wes Arnold
Wes Arnold
Product Marketing Team Lead

Wes oversees all marketing efforts that are non-search related at Smarty. If you've received one of our fun emails or perhaps a gift in the mail from Smarty, you can thank Wes and his creative approach for it! Prior to Smarty, Wes worked for several years at TestOut as a Product Marketing Manager and Demand Generation Manager where he helped TestOut grow exponentially. He also worked at Certiport as a Product Marketing Manager where he helped create strategic marketing plans and drive demand for technical certification programs offered by global technology enterprises including several fortune 500 companies. Wes has an incredible ability and years of experience in finding fun ways to convey value and solutions to customers, and Smarty is better for it!

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Address Autocomplete Shortens Insurance Time to QuoteArrow Icon
By Wes Arnold on January 12, 2023
Insurers know the colossal importance of being accurate. A simple error could create an outstanding difference in results. At the same time, the customer wants speed. The modern lifestyle is fast paced, and any need that isn't met instantly is an inconvenience. Businesses and their investors need to find the most efficient solutions to providing accuracy, without slowing down the near instant return to the customer. Accurate Risk Assessment and Faster Quotes In today's insurance world, where convenience is king, the fastest quote wears the crown.
Rising Parcel Shipping Costs 2022: How to Cut Your Shipping ExpensesArrow Icon
By Wes Arnold on November 21, 2022
Parcel shipping costs have been rising since 2020. We’ve all seen inflation on the consumer end, whether we’re checking out online or paying at the gas pump. And skyrocketing freight rates have made headlines. Today, we’re going to focus on the impact of the increasing cost of shipping on your business and what you can do about it. But don’t lose hope—while we’re going to explore climbing shipment costs in this article, we’ll also chat about what your business can do to make shipping more efficient.
New QGIS Geocoding Plugin: Rooftop-Accurate Geocoding for US AddressesArrow Icon
By Wes Arnold on August 17, 2022
QGIS is an open-source GIS (geographical information system) platform that helps millions of users throughout the world map, visualize,and share geographic information. Use cases range anywhere from mapping water usage to selecting new retail store locations. It's a highly capable tool for GIS professionals, and it's free. Because QGIS is open source, individuals and organizations are free to build and offer plugins to help users accomplish specialized tasks. This extensive library of plugins offers users a wide range of tools that allow them to build maps for very specific needs.
Setting Up US Address Autocomplete API to Autofill Your FormsArrow Icon
By Wes Arnold on March 11, 2022
Many businesses now collect data online. One could argue that it is nearly impossible to succeed in modern business without some sort of online portal in which there is an exchange of information between the provider and the customer. But how do you ensure that the information being input by the customer (or potential customer) is accurate? While there is no way to ensure that Bobby Duncan doesn’t put “Sammy Sosa” in the name line on a form, there IS a way to ensure that he’s putting in a valid mailing address for you to mail his package to.
International Address Lookup: 3 Steps To Cleaner DataArrow Icon
By Wes Arnold on December 22, 2021
For address validation, an international address lookup is the process of matching foreign addresses against the local authoritative postal databases to ensure they are real and mailable. The process commonly corrects typos, parses the addresses into its component parts and standardizes it to match countries' approved formats. The task of looking up and combining data sets for thousands, or even millions of international addresses is a daunting one. Just trying to keep track of each country’s valid address format alone, is a time-consuming challenge.

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