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How Address Verification Supports Radius Mapping for Accurate Public Noticing

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Public noticing laws require notices be sent to all residents and businesses within a certain radius if development activity will impact them. Bad addresses can prevent the notices from reaching their destination.
Express Mapping uses Smarty US Address Verification to clean and validate client-provided address lists, ensuring addresses are deliverable and contain accurate secondary address data.
Express Mapping can validate address lists faster with Smarty, and real estate developers and event organizers reduce costs of undelivered mail and accurately reach their target audiences.

The Client: Express Mapping

A family-run business, Express Mapping focuses on providing public notification and radius mapping services that are quick and easy to use without sacrificing quality and accuracy.
Combined, the Express Mapping team has over 30 years of experience in technology, GIS, real estate, problem-solving, and customer service. They use that knowledge to help everyone, from individuals to large public companies, with the logistics of permitting, notifications, and radius mapping for home remodels, hotel, mall, restaurant development, and even local race events.
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The Challenge: Clean Address Data Needed for Public Noticing

The public notification and radius mapping industry is an older one. Express Mapping saw a need for a company where customers could rapidly place orders online and get what they’re looking for within minutes. "We are trying to incorporate new technology," said Laura Emerson, Senior Data Manager at Express Mapping.
Express Mapping takes radius maps and digitizes the process of public noticing.
California law mandates that residents and businesses within a certain geographic radius must be notified of the opening and impact of new businesses, development, or public events that require road closures. Each city has the discretion to increase the state-mandated minimum distance of the noticing radius.
It’s critical to get those notifications to the right people and addresses, so property owners know what’s happening in the community.
"Our clients who are opening restaurants and hotels need a very specific list for their particular use case: occupant saturation," said Emerson. "Oftentimes, we’ll get a list of addresses from the client, but they need help filling in the blanks, confirming the address data is formatted right, or verifying suite or apartment numbers.
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The Solution: Add Validation to Radius Mapping & Public Noticing Process

"We really enjoy using Smarty to help bridge the gap," said Emerson about the process of validating the lists provided by clients to confirm notices are being sent to accurate addresses and all the occupants within the specified radius.
Express Mapping uses Smarty to validate address lists before mailing public notices. Previously, they used the USPS ZIP Code validation service and individually typed in addresses. "It was so time-consuming," said Emerson.
Secondary address data, like suite numbers, is a key component that needs to be correct when trying to reach all the residents of an apartment building, for example, or all the businesses in an office plaza.
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The Results: Reduced Costs, Returned Mail, & Stress

Smarty helps clients save money by not wasting resources mailing to bad addresses.
It also helps eliminate stress. The client gets worried if a lot of mail comes back on a project. They start to question if notices were sent correctly. When the undeliverable rate goes down, there’s less stress for the client and for Express Mapping.
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Smarty really accelerated what we could do for clients. And we’re sticking with Smarty because they continue to put resources into the product and make it better.
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Laura EmersonSenior Data Manager at Express Mapping

Emerson appreciates the trust and relationship they’ve built with Smarty. She liked that there was a limited free tool on the site she could try out before subscribing.

Listening to Smarty’s webinars was also helpful for Emerson as she set up the address validation tool. "I followed a YouTube tutorial from Smarty and left a question in a comment one evening. Early the next day, there was already a response, and someone from Smarty helped me with a solution right there in the comments."

"Smarty just makes it easy," said Emerson. "I love you guys! And we’re excited about Smarty's rooftop geocoding and master address file products. We want to increase what we can do in a day. We’re exploring the next steps of what else we can do for clients."

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Smarty just makes it easy. I love you guys! And we’re excited about Smarty's rooftop geocoding and master address file products. We want to increase what we can do in a day. We’re exploring the next steps of what else we can do for clients.
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Laura EmersonSenior Data Manager at Express Mapping
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