What about Security? Do You Share My Data?


I have been looking over your service, and I was wondering: What specific and legally binding protections you offer that ensure that my data won't be transferred to any third parties?


The security of your data is our primary concern. Any data that you submit for processing will never be sold, shared, or distributed in any way. You can read more about it in our Terms of Service as well as our Privacy Policy.

We have very strict policies and procedures in place to ensure that your data is not exposed in any way.

  1. All interactions that you have with our website are completely encrypted right from the time that you first hit the login page. Thus, nothing that you transmit to us can be intercepted and used by anyone other than our servers.
  2. Our services are completely automated. There is no one who will see the data that you send to us. It is all processed automatically on our secure servers.
  3. You can send us the addresses to be processed without any names or company names, since they are not necessary for the address validation. This will ensure that your clients' personal data is absolutely safe.
  4. If you are worried that someone could somehow derive context from your list of addresses, one thing that you can do is to add your address list to a much larger list of non-related addresses. This way your addresses will 'hide in the crowd' maintaining their anonymity. We have no way to know which are your addresses and which are the bogus addresses. (Note that this will use more lookups to process the data.)