Outage-Proof Service

The "Fast Lane" Answer

Service reliability and uptime are strict requirements for our customers. As such, one of our main goals is to keep things running smoothly on our side so you don't even notice that we're here. Yet there are some things we do expect from you to help us keep your service up and available. If you have multiple (valid) payment options on file, keep your subscription active, make sure contact info is up-to-date, and follow our technical requirements, then you're off to a great start.

Below is a detailed look at things we'd like you to do to help avoid a lapse in service.

The "Scenic Route" Answer

1. Multiple, Valid Credit Cards

Keep multiple, valid credit cards on file. This way, if one expires or is otherwise declined for payment, you have a fallback payment source. This will allow us to successfully renew your service without your even noticing we are here. We are just that good at it.

2. Active Subscription with a Scheduled Renewal

Going hand-in-hand with having a valid credit card on file is having a renewal scheduled. If you have a renewal scheduled and a valid credit card on file, your renewal will occur automatically. No problem!

The renewal option is adjustable so that you can change plans if your need ever changes. Not sure where to check on this? Look at your Subscription page on the first line labelled Auto-Renew. You can make any necessary adjustments in the Plan drop-down on this Auto-Renew line.

3. Static Account Email

Change your account's login email to a more static, function-based email. The truth of the matter is that turnover exists. If your account is a specific employee's email, it will likely follow that person right out of your hands when the employee changes jobs, leaving you to start all over again. Instead of, try You'll thank yourself.

4. Multiple Up-to-Date Contact Points

Being able to get in touch with you is a big deal. We are always improving our service. Sometimes the changes that come with these improvements require some action on your end. Not being able to get in touch with the right person at your organization will lead to either a diminished service experience or, worse, an inability to use our service altogether. At the bottom of your Profile page, you can enter contact information for anyone who should know of changes regarding your account. Be sure your account contacts list is always up-to-date and complete, including phone numbers.

5. Follow Our Technical Requirements

We guarantee that our system will be online and available so long as your software is coded against the Documentation and Technical Requirements that we offer.

If your programming team is writing code that loosely conforms to our documentation and is sufficient for the integration to succeed today, there is no guarantee that it will work tomorrow. Code that strictly conforms is what will let you sleep well at night... if you like that kind of thing.

6. Subscribe to Our Notification Feed (SMS, RSS, Email, etc.)

Did you know that we have a notification board? This is where changes and other important items are announced. We use it sparingly. Please subscribe to this bulletin board.