Before you pay for address validation from Smarty (formerly SmartyStreets), you may be interested in testing our services. For this reason, we give everyone 250 free lookups per month. These can be used to look up US addresses in real time, to look up ZIP Codes based on the city and state, to process a list of US addresses, or to access any of the other US address services Smarty offers. After those 250 lookups have been used or the month is up (whichever comes first), your account will renew to the free 250 lookups/month plan. Free subscriptions must be renewed manually each month from the account subscriptions page. If you would like a plan that renews automatically, simply sign up for any of our paid plans.

If 250 address lookups just aren't enough for the testing that you'd like to do, we're happy to give you as many more as you need. Simply call or email us and let us know you're testing.

In order to test your site locally, you'll need to set up an authorization key for "localhost", or "yourdomain.dev" (as opposed to your "domain.com"). You can set up your authorization keys anytime by logging in to your account and going to the API Keys tab.

Testing against our International address API is limited to the first 100 addresses. We reccommend doing your initial testing and integration against our US address API products and leaving testing for international addresses for last. This will make you a Smarty too.

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