What Happens When I've Used All My Address Lookups?


What happens when I attempt to call your LiveAddress API when I have used up all of my subscribed address lookups?

Does it return an error of some kind? Is the Address Verification still performed?


Our goal is, at all times, to keep the service running for you. In order to accomplish this we always notify you via email when you have 10% remaining on your subscription. For paid plans, this is to let you know that the subscription will renew automatically at the same level once the current subscription is used up. If you have a valid payment method on file such as a credit card, there will be no interruption in service and the next subscription will kick in automatically.

If there is no payment method on file or the credit card is declined, you will be notified by email that your account needs some immediate attention. If we don't hear from you to fix the payment situation, the account will shut down and you will receive a "402" error and the address verification will not be performed.

402  Unauthorized access; no active subscription can be found.

This can be cleared up easily with a call to us or by updating your credit card info within your account on our website.