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The above Single Address Validation / Verification Tool combines several of Smarty’s cloud-based software tools into one.

Use this free address verifier to cleanse, correct, standardize, validate, and verify addresses worldwide. To begin your address check or verification of an address, enter or paste your address in a single line or by components. Addresses entered in a single line will be parsed into address field components.

As you enter an address, valid, deliverable address predictions appear based on your location. Bad addresses are corrected if possible and standardized to the address format of the specified country. US addresses are verified against the USPS address database and Smarty's proprietary dataset of 20+ million non-postal addresses.

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About Address Verification

Learn more about address verification below:

What Does Address Verification Do?

People use address verification and address validation software to solve a host of business problems. With Smarty, you can verify addresses one at a time, in bulk, or ongoing in real time with an address verification API connection.
Verify that an address is in one or more authoritative address database.
Perform address correction by cleansing / repairing bad address data, such as typos and errors in the street address.
Prevent incorrect address entry.
Supplement missing data, such as a ZIP Code, city name or county information.
Standardize address data by parsing it into its address field component parts, formatting data such as placing the building number in the right location (based on country), and normalizing data such as using post-office standardized address abbreviations.
Confirm an address is correct and deliverable for shippers of packages or letters.
Consolidate and blend data such as merging disparate customer address datasets using the address as a common attribute.
Remove duplicate addresses that enter your datasets over time from various internal and external sources.
Enrich standard addresses with additional location data.
Group clients from the same address.
Prepare an address for accurate geocoding.
What Are Some Address Verification Uses?
Some of the more common use cases for address verification / validation include:
  • Data blending for merging different databases
  • Shipping package delivery
  • Data governance
  • Food delivery applications e.g. Uber Eats
  • Risk profiling — insurance underwriting / banking
  • Asset management
  • 360-degree view of customer
  • Targeted marketing
  • Real estate and credit card fraud prevention
  • Routing drivers such as service technicians and healthcare employees
  • Coverage locators (especially for Telco)
  • General data quality

What's In It For You?

Address verification / validation delivers possibly the simplest and quickest way to improve operations, cut costs, increase revenues, and drive improvement to your bottom line.
Save time by eliminating the manual hours spent chasing down valid street addresses.
Ensure mail and packages get where they’re supposed to go, reducing wasted shipping and handling costs of dealing with returned items.
Reduce wasted perishable product costs.
Reduce customer frustration while improving brand loyalty.
Reduce remote service hours by ensuring service technicians and resources efficiently get to the right location.
Improve payment processing while reducing location and credit card fraud.
Increase your deliverable market size beyond the USPS database with Smarty’s proprietary list of 20 million non-postal, valid addresses.
Further increase your deliverable market size and revenue with Smarty’s proprietary enhanced matching which interprets and fixes bad addresses as well as completes secondary address components such as apartment number and business suite number.
Improve operational efficiency by standardizing, deduplicating, and consolidating datasets.
Expand to global markets with worldwide address verification covering all 250 country and territory address formats.
Enhance your database with up to 55 more location data points in addition to standard address data to improve segmentation and decision making.
Address Verification on Smarty Steroids

Smarty address verification and validation is brilliantly engineered to deliver the smartest solutions at reasonable prices, driving industry-leading value. With Smarty address validation software, you get:

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High Reliability

Smarty has cleverly engineered redundancies that deliver industry-leading reliability with virtually 100% uptime.

"We have never experienced any downtime in more than five years of using this service."

Seth H.

CEO, G2 Review*

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Transparent Accuracy

Smarty not only delivers leading accuracy, but also transparency on addresses not validated to save you the time and frustration of having to find and clean up errant data after the fact.

"[Smarty] has a high degree of accuracy on all valid addresses."

Joseph M.

Web Developer, G2 Review*

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Lightning Speeds

Process in the cloud at lightning speeds - as many as 2 million addresses per second. No joke. It’s smart engineering at work. Our plans include options to process up to 100X faster than your current onsite solution.

"The response times are lightning fast."

Tim R.

Senior Software Developer, G2 Review*

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Cloud Savings

On-premise solutions can cost up to 3 times more than a cloud-based solution, and require on-going management. With Smarty, you can get better-than-on-premise speeds, without the unwanted on-premise costs and headaches.

"We switched to SmartyStreets (Smarty) cloud service a year ago. For the previous 4 years we'd been using another vendor's on-prem package. Besides the $ savings…we've had zero technical or availability issues."

Dave F.

Google Review*

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Outstanding Support

Should you need help, we’re here for you. Really. Knowledgeable, friendly, US-based support technicians answer the phone when you call. You get better-than-paid, unlimited support for free.

"...the customer service, care and knowledge of staff sets [Smarty] apart."

Joseph M.

Web Developer, G2 Review*

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Easy Setup

Smarty was brilliantly engineered for easy, quick set up with world-class documentation including SDKs your developers will love.

"Fantastic service and easy API...drop-dead easy to use by our developers."

Steve J.

Business Owner, G2 Review*

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Transparent Pricing

Get simple pricing with no setup fees, commitments, or gimmicks. You can choose from flexible plans, including unlimited processing.

"The pricing puts [Smarty] high in the value-to-use category."

Justin C.

IT Manager, G2 Review*

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Leading Value

Offering world-class solutions and fabulous support at reasonable prices, makes Smarty the clear value leader in address-related, location data intelligence service.

"The service Smarty provides us is invaluable."


Primeritus Financial Services

Earned Trust

Taking the address world by storm over the past 10+ years for its genius, quality, and value, Smarty is relied on by some of the largest, most respected companies, including:

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Compare us to anyone. Smarty is your smart choice.

*See why our customers love us at the G2 and Google independent review sites.

Case Studies

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How do I check if an address is correct?

Checking if an address is correct is also known as address verification or validation. To check address validity, simply enter it into Smarty's free address checker (address verifier) at the top of this page.

How do you verify an address?

To verify or validate an address, you would simply compare it against an authoritative, trusted source, such as the USPS database. You can use Smarty's free address verification tool at the top of this page to verify or validate any address against not only the entire USPS database (Smarty is USPS CASS certified) but also Smarty's proprietary database of more than 20 million deliverable, non-postal addresses.

Is USPS address validation free?

Yes, the USPS postal address APIs are free to use. But beware of many limitations. See 25 reasons why Smarty's address APIs are clearly a better choice than the USPS address validation tool. If you're looking to validate a single address, just use the free address verifier tool above.

Does Smarty's Single Address Verification Tool perform USPS Address Verification?

Yes, it does. Use Smarty's Single Address Verification Tool at the top of the page to not only verify addresses in the USPS database but also 20 million additional non-USPS addresses that Smarty has found to be valid and deliverable.

How do I verify an address in the UK?

Simple. Use the free international address format generator above to check any international address. The above tool checks both residential and business addresses whether inside or outside the US.

How do I verify an incomplete USPS address?

To verify an incomplete USPS address, enter your information in Smarty's USPS address checker at the top of the page. In many cases, the address standardization tool can validate an address after appending missing data such as city, or Zip Code, or street direction.

Why can't USPS verify my address?

The various reasons why the USPS might fail to verify your address include:
  • The address contains bad data
  • The address is marked “vacant” by the USPS
  • The address is too new to have been picked up by the USPS
  • The address is unregistered
  • The address is in a postal code primarily serviced by PO boxes

For additional information, see Why Won't My Address Verify / Validate?

If the USPS won't verify your address, try using the address validator tool above as it references not only the USPS database but also Smarty's proprietary list of more than 20 million non-postal addresses that are verified as deliverable.

How do I check a residential address?

Simple. Use the free address checker tool above to check any residential address worldwide.

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