Free Knowledge

Knowledge is important. In some mathematical representations, it's equal to power. It's the difference between a masterful performance and a rookie mistake; an immaculate soufflé and burnt ramen.

To some people, it's an exhaustible resource, or even a form of currency. Sometimes it's hoarded, as with patents and copyrights. Sometimes it's used as a commodity, as it is at universities. And sometimes people try to offer a counterfeit, like when they lie on their internet dating profile.

Now compare that to our parents: we learned a lot from them. They taught us how to tie our shoes, ride a bike, and wash behind our ears. They didn't hold back that information because they wanted to feel more powerful than us (how easy would that have been?). They didn't demand compensation, and they didn't try to give us a counterfeit; they just wanted to see us grow. They never steered us wrong. Except for that time when we were six and asked where babies come from.

Our point is: Handling knowledge should look less like copyrights and dating profiles and more like teaching your kid to ride a bike (minus the skinned knees).

Here at Smarty, we're people. We know a lot about all sorts of things. And we're passionate about those things (yes, including address validation), so we want to share them with you.

For free.

We have a lot to talk about, and we want your brainspace to be enlarged and enhanced with every article you read. So go ahead, read on. With regards to knowledge, the world is an oyster, and we want it to share that oyster with you. For free. No tuition, no counterfeits.