Address list processing

Processing lists of addresses

A large address list can be a valuable asset or a burdensome anchor for your business. A list processing service (also known as list scrubbing) will allow you and clean up your entire list.

Processing your list or database

  1. Go to our list processing tool
  2. Open your file which contains the addresses. It can be:

    • Excel
    • CSV (Comma-separated values)
    • Tab-delimited
    • Compressed ZIP of any format above

    You can even export your database table (Access, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.) to one of the formats above.

  3. Copy the entire list including the header columns.

  4. Click "Process List"

  5. You'll see a free preview of your list with some statistics

  6. Copy the output data (your processed list)

  7. Paste it back into your file.

General pricing

Most other players in the address verification industry don't show their full pricing on their website, and some are more costly than others. With Smarty, it's simple and affordable:

  • Free preview on every list
  • Don't deal with a pushy salesman

See our pricing right on our website.