Smarty Excel Address Verification Add-in

The Excel Smarty Address Verification Add-in validates US addresses and returns relevant metadata. With a rooftop geocoding subscription, users have the option to return rooftop precision geocodes.

Getting Started

Install the plugin here

Note: You must have an existing Smarty US Address Verification or US Rooftop Geocoding license. If you do not have a license, sign up here for a free trial.

After installation from the store, navigate within Excel to the “Smarty” portion of the top ribbon.

Go Through a Quick Authentication Process

  1. Click the “Enter Credentials” button on top of the Smarty tool sidebar.

    Excel plugin enter credentials step
  2. A new window will pop up that allows you to enter your Auth ID and Auth Token These values are found within your Smarty account under the ‘API Keys’ tab

    Auth ID and Auth Token are stored securely within the sheet’s memory. This allows the sheet to be worked on and shared collaboratively.
  3. Click Submit

Using the Add-in

Within the Smarty tool sidebar:

  1. Choose between an "enhanced or strict" match type

  2. Fill in the text box indicating what license you want to use

    This is not required, but is recommended if you have subscriptions to multiple licenses. This value is found within your Smarty account under the ‘Subscriptions’ tab
  3. Choose to keep the results on the same page you’re currently working in, adjacent to the highlighted cells, or place the results formatted in a new sheet

  4. On the sheet itself, highlight the addresses you would like to verify

    • A single cell should only contain a single address
    • Validation only works on addresses within a single cell so addresses should not be parsed or broken up across adjacent cells
  5. Select the result you would like to receive:

    Excel Plugin results buttons

    Validate Selected Addresses


    • Status Message ex. "Address successfully verified"

    • Validated Addresses

    • DPV Footnotes

    Validate and Retrieve Geocodes

    Returns the same info as ‘Validate Selected Addresses’, plus:

    Validate and Retrieve All Data

    Returns all the data available from the US Street Address API, including the validated address and metadata.

Important Notes

  • Any existing data in cells where the new address data is placed will be overwritten

  • Each address run through the Smarty tool uses a lookup from the user’s subscription

  • When a user runs one of the Smarty tools, the header data will be populated automatically if space is available

    *Leave the top row of cells empty so the headers can populate correctly

  • Excel plugin demo