Susan Young
Susan Young
Human Resources Manager

Susan comes to us with over 20 years of human resources experience. She has worked for a variety of startups in Utah Valley and has gained valuable insights and experiences with each position. She thrives when working for great companies with strong cultures. She loves being a part of the team, always looking at the big picture, and finding ways to improve processes. Her favorite thing about HR is the people; she loves people, helping them to succeed, and encouraging them to be the best they can be. She is all things HR and is passionate about making the workplace a great place to be!

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Smarty Employees Bike to Work Week: A Sunnier CommuteArrow Icon
By Susan Young on June 1, 2023
Last week we participated in National Bike to Work Week! Our focus was to encourage physically beneficial commuting methods that get the air running through your hair. We expanded our scope of vehicles beyond bikes to motorcycles, motorscooters, and even walking. It was a transformative experience as we embraced alternative transportation to work. Benefits of Active Commuting:local Active commuting offers numerous advantages for both individuals and the environment. By incorporating physical activity into our daily commute, we reap the benefits of improved fitness levels, increased energy, and reduced stress.
Smarty's Approach to Building Company Culture: Putting the Fun in FunctionalArrow Icon
By Susan Young on April 27, 2023
At Smarty, we pride ourselves on our unique company culture, built on three core values: outwardness, wizardry, and fun. What does that mean? We're doing our best to build a company culture in a way that makes folks want to come to work. Smarty's Mission Create Great Products At Smarty, we specialize in location data intelligence, working with global address and location data in validation, autocomplete, and geocoding areas. Our services include: 1. International & US Address Validation: Ensuring that addresses are correctly typed and mailable prevents delayed or returned packages.

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