Smarty Employees Bike to Work Week: A Sunnier CommuteCheck out how these Smarties and helping our community by biking to work. Read about our amazing co-workers and see why our company culture is the best.
Susan Young
Susan Young
June 1, 2023

Last week we participated in National Bike to Work Week! Our focus was to encourage physically beneficial commuting methods that get the air running through your hair. We expanded our scope of vehicles beyond bikes to motorcycles, motorscooters, and even walking. It was a transformative experience as we embraced alternative transportation to work.

Benefits of Active Commuting:

Active commuting offers numerous advantages for both individuals and the environment. By incorporating physical activity into our daily commute, we reap the benefits of improved fitness levels, increased energy, and reduced stress. Furthermore, choosing eco-friendly transportation options helps us contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Smarty employee bikes against the front entrance.

The burn of physical activity was felt by Trent Howell, our head of marketing, who biked over 25 miles to get to work that day! However, several folks who didn't bike quite that far have decided to continue their pedaled transportation, making it a part of their regular commute.

Bikes in the Smarty parking lot.

While biking is a 'green' thing, it’s worth noting that motorcycles consume less gas than typical cars and often still produce just as much emissions. We did encourage our fellow two-wheeled commuters to participate, though.

Bike to Work Week at Smarty:

At Smarty, we value the well-being of our employees and the planet. Bike to Work Week allowed our team to unite around the goal of adopting healthy commuting habits and enjoying the beautiful spring air we've had in May here in Utah.

The week was filled with enthusiasm as participants set personal goals and navigated various transportation modes to make their way to the office.

Smarty employee showing off his bike.

"Riding my bicycle to work every day has been life-changing. I rarely drive a car anymore, which saves me a lot of money in fuel and maintenance costs. I feel physically healthier. Being outside always helps improve my mood. Riding my bike helps clear my mind. If I see a friend, it’s really easy to just stop and chat with them. It's fun just being on my bike. Forget the fountain of youth; riding a bicycle keeps me young in so many ways." — Jonathan Duncan, DevOps

"I enjoyed being outside as I biked to work (the breeze, the sun, etc.) and also the fun conversation I was able to have with my fellow co-worker who biked with me!" — Haylee Harrison, Frontend Developer

"I feel more in tune with my community when I bike. I see things that I miss when I drive. I get to say 'hello' to people that I miss when I drive." — Jeffrey Duncan, Technical Product Manager

Encouraging Active Commuting Beyond Bike to Work Week:

While Bike to Work Week may have ended, we encourage all of our employees to continue incorporating active commuting habits into their lives. Seeing a Smarty employee pedaling their way to the office is no longer a rare occasion.

Smarty employee action shot with bikes

Would you like to participate in fun, healthy activities with Smarty? Do you live in the Utah or Salt Lake valleys? Do you want to have a blast at work? Join our team, and you, too, can begin to pedal your way to success!

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