Smarty's Approach to Building Company Culture: Putting the Fun in Functional

Susan Young
Susan Young
April 27, 2023
At Smarty, we pride ourselves on our company culture, built on three core values: outwardness, wizardry, and fun. Find out what makes us successful now!

At Smarty, we pride ourselves on our unique company culture, built on three core values: outwardness, wizardry, and fun. What does that mean? We're doing our best to build a company culture in a way that makes folks want to come to work.

Smarty's Mission

Create Great Products

At Smarty, we specialize in location data intelligence, working with global address and location data in validation, autocomplete, and geocoding areas. Our services include:

  1. International & US Address Validation: Ensuring that addresses are correctly typed and mailable prevents delayed or returned packages.

  2. International & US Address Autocomplete: Streamlining online transactions by providing accurate address predictions from the first keystroke.

  3. International & US Rooftop Geocoding: Accurately pinpointing the latitude and longitude of specific buildings, aiding companies worldwide.

A Thriving and Growing Company

Since our founding in 2011, Smarty has become an industry leader in location data intelligence. Our culture and success have been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, such as being named one of the fastest-growing companies in Utah County and a Top Workplace in 2022.

We're dedicated to preventing issues like mistyped ZIP Codes or address errors that can lead to delayed or returned packages. We're passionate about creating a work environment where our team members feel valued, inspired, and truly enjoy their jobs.

Our Culture: Outwardness, Wizardry, and Fun

Core Values

While we do desire to make great products, the values that we commit to as a company are more centered around the individuals that make up our teams. We strive to embody these three core values: outwardness, wizardry, and fun.

  1. Outwardness: We believe in caring for others and understanding their challenges. We provide continuous training on interpersonal and leadership skills to ensure our employees have the tools to maintain a supportive and empathetic mindset.

  2. Wizardry: We strive for professional excellence and encourage continuous development of our skills. We make the best products because we have the best employees. Our employees create goals with their managers for personal & professional skill development and are given the time & opportunity to attend online courses, live training, certification programs, and more to sharpen their skills and achieve their goals.

  3. Fun: Having fun together comes naturally when we care for one another. We offer various extracurricular activities for our employees, ranging from video games and choir to script reading and group trips to Disneyland or the Caribbean.

Buy-in and Support from Employees

The faces and attitudes of our employees speak for themselves. But since you can’t see those in a blog, here’s what our employees say about the quality of culture.

"I love that there’s an environment that makes me feel comfortable sharing my opinion and ideas and that I’m able to collaborate and work with awesome people all day. Also, as a bonus, we do lots of fun things!" — Haylee, Software Engineer

"I have never worked at a company like it. It is a culture shock in the best way. Confidence and trust are given, this makes for a great environment for peak growth as I believe in my coworkers’ work ethic and personal integrity, and I feel it is reciprocated." — Brenyn, Sales Development Representative

"I actually look forward to our weekly staff meetings because they’re packed with so much fun!" — Trent, Head of Marketing

"Between the amazing work environment, delicious meals provided, and sweet benefits, I have yet to find anything about Smarty I don’t like." — Lisa, Customer Support Representative

More to Come

Over the next few months, we’ll post details on the activities that embody our core values. You’ll learn what it’s like to be a ‘Smarty’ and participate in script readings, Smarty Singers, or any of our other activities.

But the real value will be if you can find ways to contribute to a great culture where you work. Are you outward? Do you strive for wizardry? Are you having fun? Hopefully, you'll be inspired to up the game at your workplace. After all, everyone deserves to be happy at work. Or, if you're in Utah, you can apply for one of our open positions and join the fun!

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