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Changes to the USPS Change of Address Policy

Starting October 10, 2007, the USPS has changed its policy for Temporary Change of Address filings. The changes will make it easier for those who forget to put an end date on the paperwork, but will create more work for those who want to temporarily change their address for more than six months.

Here is the word from the government:

The changes state the minimum duration for a change of address order is 15 days; the maximum duration for the initial change of address order is 185 days; and the maximum duration for the additional change of address order is 179 days. A customer seeking the longest duration for temporary change of address, can accordingly submit an initial order for 185 days and a second order for 179 more days, thus reaching the maximum period of 364 days.

Previously, a temporary change of address could be filed for an entire year. The USPS claims that this shouldn't impact most postal service customers since the 62% of all temporary change-of-address requests are for less than six months.

Customers will be sent a reminder to submit a second temporary forwarding request at the end of six months.

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