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Valid Information for Enhanced 911 Address Verification


E911 Lookup with US Address Autocomplete API


Streamlined Enhanced 911 Addresses Verification

The Client: Alianza

Located in Pleasant Grove, Utah, near the Wasatch Mountain Range, sits Alianza, a provider of the world's first Cloud Communications Platform. With this Cloud Communications Platform, Alianza provides telephone services through the cloud in a way that allows operators to respond to customers without the traditional restraints of old-school voice networks. Alianza's core customer group is service providers who offer phone and internet services.
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The Challenge: Valid Information for Enhanced 911 Address Verification

Ryan Higgins, Director of Customer Success at Alianza, wanted to provide a better experience for Alianza's phone service provider customers. Ryan knew that to create a great customer experience he would need to eliminate customer pain points. One major pain point that phone service providers encounter is ensuring that their customer's e911 (Enhanced 911) address information is valid.

Whenever a caller in the United States dials 911, a signal is sent to the caller's phone service provider's e911 database. The signal then performs a 911 address lookup for the name and location of the caller and returns this information to 911. This process allows 911 to send emergency responders to a caller's address, without needing to rely on the caller for the specific location information. (If this technology was around in 1993, the runtime of The Fugitive, starring Harrison Ford, would've been cut down significantly.)

Telephone service providers in the United States are required to have address information for their customers to ensure that the process works. It is imperative that these addresses are verified, otherwise emergency responders could be sent to the wrong location during life or death situations.

Historically, Alianza left the responsibility of inputting and verifying customer address information to their phone service provider customers. This oftentimes resulted in phone operators inputting misspelled or invalid addresses into the e911 address databases. In order to provide a better customer experience, Ryan knew that Alianza could take on the responsibility to verify customer address information for e911 databases. Ryan just needed the right e911 address verification solution that would help Alianza provide this service accurately and quickly.

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Ryan Higgins
Director, Customer Success
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Whenever you provide a telephone service in the United States you have to provide 911 service. Part of that with the 911 service comes an address. It needs to be valid so that the ambulance gets sent to the right address if somebody calls 911.

The Solution: E911 Lookup with US Address Autocomplete API

Smarty's address autocomplete features makes entering addresses even easier, the exact type of solution that Alianza needed. As soon as a customer begins to type in their address into Smarty's autocomplete API, suggestions for validated addresses begin to appear. This allows customers to simply click on their corresponding address rather than typing out the entirety of an address and potentially making a mistake. Smarty additionally has the capability to verify these addresses either on the back end or the front-end through Smarty's US Autocomplete Pro API.
Ryan saw the potential in Smarty's address autocomplete features. And what's more, adapting Smarty's autocomplete API into Alianza's offerings was incredibly simple for Ryan and his team. Smarty was not only able to offer the easily adapted autocomplete API but the source code as well. This made it possible for Ryan and his team to add Smarty's capabilities into Alianza faster than a playthrough of The Fugitive, starring Harrison Ford.
Verified enhanced 911 address lookup suggestions displayed by the US Autocomplete API as user types.
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With Smarty, when the service provider logs into our platform and they go to type in an address, now instead of filling out all the separate fields independently, they can simply type the address in one line and typically they'll get about half way through before Smarty recognizes the address and suggests the proper address to them. It's very simple.
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Ryan HigginsDirector, Customer Success

The Results: Streamlined Enhanced 911 Addresses Verification

By adapting this feature into Alianza's offerings, Ryan was able to offer Alianza's clients the ability to ensure that they had the verified e911 address for each of their customers in a fast, accurate, and simple way. As Ryan himself said, “Smarty has really made our product simple. And what our customers really like is a simple Alianza product.”

By adding Smarty's autocomplete API, not only did this mean that Alianza's clients were easily able to comply with e911 address requirements, this also meant that ambulances, police officers, fire fighters, and other 911 emergency responders would be able to more easily find people who were in desperate need. Meaning a better customer experience for Alianza's clients, but more importantly, life saving assistance for people across the United States.

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Smarty has really made our product simple. And what our customers really like is a simple Alianza product.
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Ryan HigginsDirector, Customer Success
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