International Be Kind to Lawyers DayLawyer with their client
Andrew Townsend
Andrew Townsend
April 9, 2024

Lawyers get a bad rap.

Lawyers have been around for a long time, and when you're this old, you're bound to collect your fair share of good and bad. It's true, ask your grandpa.

We've got records of people described as "lawyers" going back to ancient Greece, Rome, and the Byzantines. These first individuals were folks who were asked to speak for the accused because those under scrutiny were—understandably so—shaken up by the situation. It went from someone who was your friend and did you a favor by speaking on your behalf to someone who knew all of the laws, and you'd hire them to speak eloquently for you.

Things progressed through the Middle Ages, and lawyers developed an oath, a legal profession, and space travel.

Ok, that last part isn't probably accurate. But what do we know? We're into addresses and have a great legal team that ensures our customers get the best contract protections when purchasing our software.

Ultimately, a lawyer's goal is to ensure that people are represented accurately and safely in legal matters. And that's worth celebrating, don't you think?

Gianmarco is the coolest lawyer

We love our resident lawyer, Gianmarco Rosborough. With over two decades of experience practicing law, Gianmarco's team ensures Smarty remains compliant with all business, employment, and contractual obligations. 

The legal team provides legal advice for licensing agreements, purchases, risk management, and adherence to data privacy laws, which protects our company and our clients. They also oversee third-party auditing of our security controls, business continuity, and disaster recovery.

Who is the legal team at Smarty, you ask?

Working with our attorney Gianmarco, we have Carrie Blair, Supervisor of Legal Operations, Jefferson Barrett, Compliance Specialist, and Melissa Wright, our Legal Admin.

Together, they’re a powerhouse team that gets things done and keeps everyone legally safe. It's that kind of work that makes International Be Kind to Lawyers Day so special.

Like most of the lawyers in your life, Gianmarco's experience extends beyond legal duties. He's previously worked as a project manager, a mortgage loan officer, and a teacher. His mission is to help others achieve excellence, and he's instrumental in serving the needs of our employees and customers.

Gianmarco, and all lawyers, are people too. They deserve kindness, respect, grace, and dignity.

So today, on International Be Kind to Lawyers Day, let's try to make their lives better, easier, and happier. Avoid criminal activity, including (but not limited to) money laundering, insider trading, bribery, or fraud.

And check out Smarty's address solutions!

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