Navigating the Future: Geocoding & Address Data Trends in the CloudNavigating the Future: Geocoding & Address Data Trends in the Cloud
Andrew Townsend
Andrew Townsend
March 27, 2024

In a recent webinar, Berk Charlton, Chief Product Officer at Smarty, provided an in-depth look at our industry-leading address intelligence suite designed to provide highly accurate geocoding and address validation.

Here are the main points Berk covered during the session:

Comprehensive Product Suite: Smarty offers a wide range of products, including address validationrooftop geocodingglobal address auto-complete, and address data enrichment. These tools are designed to handle various aspects of address management and enhancement in industries from Insurance to Healthcare to Telecom and more.

Global Coverage and Fast Lookups: Smarty is known for our global coverage, capable of standardizing and validating addresses from around the world. Additionally, we're known for our exceptionally fast lookup speeds, facilitating quick data processing for millions of addresses at a time.

Hyper-Accurate Geocoding: A significant focus of the webinar was on Smarty's hyper-accurate geocoding, which ensures the highest possible level of accuracy, aiming for building rooftop level precision. Smarty technology provides true rooftop geocoding for the majority of addresses, not merely parcel centroid. This means we have some extra things running under the hood to identify the roof of the building, no matter where it’s found on the property. Because accuracy matters! 

Cloud-Based Solution: Smarty's services are cloud-based, offering convenience and efficiency. This eliminates the need for on-premise systems and the associated maintenance, while still providing speed and scalability. You may want to check out this article if you're still on the fence about moving to or using a cloud geocoding service.

Unique Address Identification: Berk discussed the importance of unique and persistent location identifiers for each address, which remain stable over time despite changes in street names, ZIP Codes, or other address components. Smarty uses a unique key (SmartyKey™) for this purpose.

Data Linking Capabilities: Smarty allows for the linking of other data sources to a unique address identifier, enabling fast and efficient data analysis without the need for real-time spatial processing. This feature is beneficial for integrating additional datasets and performing complex analyses with ease.

Customer Support and Documentation: Smarty is committed to providing excellent documentation and customer support, ensuring users can implement and utilize the service effectively. We think we've got the best support team in the world.

If you'd like to try out our Geocoding tools for yourself, you can request free lookups or try the online demo at any time.

If you'd like to view the full recording of the webinar, you can do so here:

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