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Ryan Muir
Ryan Muir
August 3, 2023

🎩✨ Imagine this: a customer visiting your site doesn't have to enter their address during checkout because your form auto-populates with valid options, without typing a single character.

It's like magic, right? In fact, it's just good tech! In this blog post, inspired by our new ebook, "Magical Benefits of Address Autocomplete," we're going to show you how to become an autocomplete magician and enchant your forms with the smoothest address entry experience imaginable. Click here to download the ebook and learn more!

How Address Autocomplete Grows Your Business

Abracadabra, Your Address is Ready!

Take a moment to imagine your customer's experience when they realize their address is already there, ready for selection. That's the power of address autocomplete, enhanced by high-quality, rooftop-accurate reverse geocoding. Your customers will be delighted, maybe even a bit enchanted, with their pre-filled address entry.

The Magic Behind the Scenes

But what's the sorcery behind zero keystroke autocomplete? It's called reverse geocoding. This involves converting a location (a set of latitude and longitude coordinates) into the nearest street addresses, sorted by distance.

If your user has location enabled, your website or app captures the user's precise location and uses reverse geocoding to identify the nearest addresses and Voila!

The users' addresses appear before they've entered a single character, with 1 click, the correct address populates and eliminates the risk of incorrect or incomplete address data while creating a frictionless, speedy user experience.

When you combine reverse geocoding with address autocomplete, you give your customers a couple of choices: they can select an address provided by reverse geocoding, or if their precise location is disabled, they can start typing their address and see new suggestions automatically provided by Smarty's US Address Autocomplete API. It's a versatile and user-friendly experience that caters to everyone.

The combination of Smarty's US Reverse Geocoding API and autocomplete ensures that even without sharing their exact location, users can still enjoy the best possible checkout experience.

The Prestige of Perfect Matches

Smarty's APIs reduce wasted lookups, false positives, and no-match addresses along with typos and incomplete data that lead to the flurry of associated costs, bad data, and customer service concerns. This strategy offers the best possible matches, aids in preventing entry errors, and makes address completion as quick as a magician's sleight of hand.

Why It's a Showstopper?

Zero keystroke autocomplete isn't just a fun party trick. It has real benefits:

Reduced typos and errors Reduced costs from bad addresses Instant address entry Higher form conversions Happier customers

So, want to supercharge your checkout and dazzle your customers with the magic of zero keystroke autocomplete? Get ready to wow your audience and your boss with seamless, instant address entry. And remember, the magic starts with a click. Download our ebook, "Magical Benefits of Address Autocomplete", and learn how to cast this tech spell on your forms today!

How Address Autocomplete Grows Your Business
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