Ryan Muir
Ryan Muir
Product Marketing Manager

With more than a decade of marketing experience, Ryan has led a 6-person marketing team and trained multiple product marketing managers to run their own teams. During his time as a marketer, Ryan has driven 6 websites to the top search results, led the strategy for A/B testing and redesigns of 3 websites, and 10 checkout processes, and improved ROI on ad spend by 40%. Ryan has a track record of growing company revenue everywhere he goes. He improved customer retention from 50% to 75%, increased product growth YOY by 40% or more, and developed executed SEO strategies that drove 6 websites from page 2 in search results to an average of the top result on page one. Before being a product marketer, Ryan was a digital marketing specialist and copywriter. Ryan holds a bachelors in public relations and marketing from Utah Valley University.


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How to Get Better Property Data for Insurance Arrow Icon
By Ryan Muir on March 1, 2024
In a recent webinar, we brought in our Product Marketing Manager, Ryan Muir, to delve into the transformative potential of Smarty's property data solutions for the insurance sector. Before his work with Smarty, Ryan was a licensed insurance agent for a Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance provider. During his tenure, he worked closely with underwriters, brokers, agencies, and even program managers, giving him a comprehensive understanding of how insurance teams and companies utilize property data.
How P&C Insurance Adjusters Win with Rooftop GeocodingArrow Icon
By Ryan Muir on October 27, 2023
In the wake of disasters like catastrophic weather events, wildfires, and other incidents, the significance of property and casualty (P&C) insurance claims agents and adjusters becomes essential. Their role is pivotal, yet often challenging, as they navigate the aftermath to assess damages, estimate repair or replacement costs, and process insurance claims. Claims agents and adjusters often face difficulties deploying to areas affected by disasters and obtaining accurate information amid chaotic circumstances.
Address Autocomplete Best PracticesArrow Icon
By Ryan Muir on September 28, 2023
Properly implemented address autocomplete can help businesses to improve conversion rates by speeding up address entry, improve address data quality by reducing typos, and reduce user frustration related to errant address data.  But, if you choose the wrong autocomplete API or make implementation errors, those benefits can evaporate. In our new ebook, "Magical Benefits of Address Autocomplete," where we've compiled valuable insights and implementation tips, including the best practices we'll cover here.
Address Autocomplete API Implementation TipsArrow Icon
By Ryan Muir on August 14, 2023
Hey, web developers! Ready to enhance your address forms and provide a seamless user experience? In our new ebook, "Magical Benefits of Address Autocomplete," we explore valuable insights and implementation tips to transform your checkout and make address entry the easiest thing they'll do all day. Click here to download the ebook and learn more, or read on to get a preview of what the ebook offers. In this blog post, we discussed how reverse geocoding and address autocomplete can work together to facilitate zero keystroke autocomplete.
Boost Ecommerce Checkouts with Zero Keystroke AutocompleteArrow Icon
By Ryan Muir on August 3, 2023
🎩✨ Imagine this: a customer visiting your site doesn't have to enter their address during checkout because your form auto-populates with valid options, without typing a single character. It's like magic, right? In fact, it's just good tech! In this blog post, inspired by our new ebook, "Magical Benefits of Address Autocomplete," we're going to show you how to become an autocomplete magician and enchant your forms with the smoothest address entry experience imaginable. Click here to download the ebook and learn more! Abracadabra, Your Address is Ready! Take a moment to imagine your customer's experience when they realize their address is already there, ready for selection.
5 Hidden Costs of Not Using Address AutocompleteArrow Icon
By Ryan Muir on July 11, 2023
Quick deliveries, instant search results, and speedy interactions have become the norm in our fast-paced world. Efficiency in online transactions has never been more critical. This goes double for businesses and their investors who are continuously seeking solutions that balance speed and accuracy. Just imagine a scenario where a customer is filling out a form on your website - the more time it takes, the more likely they are to abandon the process and navigate away. Our new ebook, "Revolutionizing Address Entry: Magical Benefits of Address Autocomplete," delves deeply into this topic.
Insurance Early Warnings + Rooftop GeocodingArrow Icon
By Ryan Muir on July 5, 2023
Without looking it up, do you know how much insurance losses natural catastrophes caused in 2022? What's your guess? According to a report published by Swiss Re, the world's leading provider of reinsurance, "Natural catastrophes caused an estimated USD 115 billion of insured losses in 2022—coming in well above the 10-year average of USD 81 billion. " A number that large, leaves a lot of room for improvement. One of the biggest challenges insurance providers face is accurately predicting where and when these devastating disasters will occur so that they can take appropriate measures to mitigate losses.
How Address Autocomplete Grows Your BusinessArrow Icon
By Ryan Muir on June 29, 2023
You've got more website traffic than ever, but your conversion rate and sales are plummeting. What's worse is that this is the information you've got to deliver to the executive team for the monthly report. They're going to want to know the reasons why and the proposed solutions. Of course, you'll make it your top priority to figure out what's going on. You decide to map out the flow of the user's journey on your website. You identify key points where there could be problems for the customer.
4 Ways Address Autocomplete Improves Insurance Quote Conversion RatesArrow Icon
By Ryan Muir on February 24, 2023
Let's get straight to the point. If your company isn't converting clicks to sales, you're losing money. But this you already know. What you may not know is you can solve this quickly with address autocomplete on your web forms. With major corporations everywhere holding mass layoffs, generating revenue has never been more urgent. Appealing discounts, deals, offers, etc. will attract visits, but if your web form is difficult to fill out, those clicks won't convert. Let's talk about how using Smarty's Address Autocomplete API will reduce friction in your web forms and increase conversions.
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