Monster Apocalypse: Your State's Fate by Street NamesHalloween graphic of haunted streets
Xan Johnson
Xan Johnson
October 17, 2023

Halloween is just around the corner, and since we eat and drink addresses every day at Smarty, we get into the spooky spirit by exploring the eerie and mysterious street names across the United States?

In the movie "Beetlejuice," saying the titular character's name 3 times would summon the chaotic and mischievous demon himself. 

At Smarty, we have a theory. Like Beetlejuice, every haunting creature has a magic number, and whenever someone sends mail to a house on Vampire Road in Gallitzin, Pennsylvania, delivers pizza to Goblin Drive in Harrison, Arkansas, or navigates to Zombie Way in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, it brings each state closer to their own monster apocalypse.

While nobody knows the magic number of mentions to summon these creatures, there's still hope. We've searched our comprehensive address database to tally up every eerie entity, and we'll predict which states will come under siege first.

In our search for the paranormal, we've scoured our US address data of over 210 million addresses for ghosts, goblins, warlocks, vampires, and over 30 supernatural beasts & beings. In total, we've found 738 spooky streets and 16,312 haunted addresses. These are the creepy crawlers coming for us all.


Spooky Creature or BeingTotal Addresses
Total Spooky Addresses16,312


The following table breaks down each state by most probable monster apocalypse, and identifies how many addresses with that monster appear in that state along with the total of all monster-related addresses in each state, and, of course, our favorite spooky addresses we found in each state:

StateTop Monster & # of AddressesTotal Monster AddressesOur Favorite Streets
MississippiPhantom (4952)        5036
Phantom Street, Biloxi, MS
North CarolinaTroll (743)        1144
Troll Court, Fayetteville, NC 
Pony Ghost Trail, Murphy, NC
VirginiaWitch (632)        879
Witch Duck Circle, Heathsville, VA
Goblintown Creek Road, Stuart, VA
TexasPhantom (419)        1199
Phantom Rider Trail, Spring Branch, TX
Ghost Rider Cove, Leander, TX
ArizonaGhost (340)         616
Ghostrider Road, Young, AZ
Phantom Burro Road, Seligman, AZ
FloridaWitch (290)         483
Witchhaven Street, Jacksonville, FL
Von Frankenstein Court, Howey In The Hills, FL
CaliforniaPhantom (250)         766
Phantom Building, Victorville, CA
Sea Witch Lane, Huntington Beach, CA
ColoradoWitch (241)         515
Witcher Drive, Colorado Prings, CO
ConnecticutWitch (230)         230
Old Witch Court, Norwalk, CT
NevadaGhost (223)         399        
Ghost Gum Street, Las Vegas, NV
Phantom Jet Avenue, Las Vegas, NV
IllinoisWitch (204)         227        
Seawitch Drive, Cherry Valley, IL
South CarolinaWitch (184)         357
Witch Hazel Way, Longs, SC
Zombie Way, Moncks Corner, SC
New HampshireWitch (169)         170
Witch Island Way, Hampton, NH
IdahoPhantom (162)         226
Phantom Avenue, Mountain Home, ID
WisconsinPhantom (159)         344
Phantom Lake Court, Mukwonago, WI
Gremlin Avenue, Tomah, WI
New MexicoGhost (149)         171
Grey Ghost Road, Hobbs, NM
MontanaGhost (148)         200
Ghost Town Drive, Anaconda, MT
Wraith Hill Lane, Anaconda, MT
OregonWitch (136)         315
Witcher Gateway Road, Cottage Grove, OR
Troll View Road, Grants Pass, OR
West VirginiaWitch (131)         202
Witchy Fork Road, Coalton, WV
Blue Demon Drive, Elkhorn, WV
MaineWitch (125)         158
Witchtrot Road, York, ME
Demons Way, Topsham, ME
GeorgiaWitch (122)         242
Witcher Road, Carlton, GA
MarylandWitch (122)         214
Witch Hazel Lane, Bowie, MD
Gremlin Lane, Hancock, MD
Warlock Court, Glen Burnie, MD
MassachusettsWitch (115)         115
Witch Way, Salem, MA
New JerseyWitch (96)         127
Witches Hollow Road, Millstone Township, NJ
PennsylvaniaWitch (93)         224
Witchcraft Road, Hamburg, PA
Windy Ghoul Drive, Beaver, PA
New YorkWitch (80)         143
Woods Witch Lane, Chappaqua, NY
Demon Pond Road, Bath, NY
Werewolf Path, Water Mill, NY
OhioWizard (80)         148
Wizard of Oz Way, Hillsboro, OH
Ghost Hollow Road, Lucasville, OH
Warlock Court, Columbus, OH
TennesseeWitch (79)         143
Witcher Hollow Road, Red Boiling Springs, TN
Troll Bridge Road, Winchester, TN
AlabamaGhost (71)         126
Timberghost Road, Coy, AL
Wizard Road, Grove Hill, AL
Big Troll Road, Adger, AL
AlaskaTroll (70)         98
Back Troll Alley, Kenai, AK 
Hobgoblin Lane, Fairbanks, AK
MissouriBanshee (65)         147
Banshee Boulevard, Bridgeton, MO
Banshee Saint Louis, MO
IndianaTroll (61)         211
Troll Street, Sullivan, IN
Werewolf Lane, Underwood, IN
ArkansasWitch (57)         132
Witcherville Cutoff, Huntington, AR
Goblin Drive, Harrison, AR
MichiganBanshee (54)          61
Banshee Street, Gwinn, MI
South DakotaGhost (54)          54
Ghost Face Drive, White River, SD
KansasPhantom (50)         113
Phantom Avenue, McConnell AFB, KS
Silver Wraith Drive, Olathe, KS
VermontWitch (43)          59
Witchcat Road, Enosburg Falls, VT
KentuckyWizard (34)          51
Wizard Avenue, Louisville, KY
Witchcraft Road, Madisonville, KY
LouisianaDemon (33)          41
Demoncherveaux Boulevard, Ville Platte, LA ("Demon child" in French)
Ghoul Street, Georgetown, LA
WashingtonWitch (24)          71
Seawitch Lane, Seabeck, WA
Goblin Lane, Everett, WA
MinnesotaTroll (23)          52
Trolls Trail, Grand Portage, MN
UtahPhantom (17)          63
Phantom Drive, Blanding, UT
Goblin Valley Road, Green River, UT
WyomingPhantom (10)          10
Phantom Road, Laramie, WY
OklahomaGhost (8)          17
Ghost Hollow Mooring Road, Eucha, OK
North DakotaWizard (6)           6
Wizard Street, Osnabrock, ND
IowaGoblin (5)           6
Goblin's Gully Drive, Cedar Rapids, IA
NebraskaGhost (1)           1
Ghost Town Avenue, Spalding, NE
DelawareN/A           0 
HawaiiN/A           0 
Rhode IslandN/A           0 

With 4,952 "Phantom" addresses, it's pretty clear Mississipians should have started preparing yesterday. They'll need as many P.K.E. Meters, Proton Packs, & Ghost Traps as money can buy. 

The next closest state is North Carolina with 743 "Troll" addresses, so we should have several years between the invasion of Mississippi and the troll attack on North Carolina. Based on the numbers, Iowa residents probably have a few lifetimes before Goblins swarm their cities.

If fighting monsters isn't your thing, consider moving to Rhode Island, Hawaii, or Delaware. As the only states in our analysis without haunted addresses, we can expect them to stay monster-free forever. 

Finally, if you use and rely on address data, remember this: as you work with addresses, you play a part in unfolding this paranormal narrative. Brace yourselves, and may your Halloween be filled with tricks and treats!

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