Learning from Marty McFly: Fixing Bad Data Ripple Effects

Davin Perkins
Davin Perkins
October 21, 2023
Marty Mcfly by his delorean

On October 21, we celebrate Marty McFly Day, dedicated to honoring the time-traveling teen's contribution to the world of time travel in the "Back to the Future" universe. In the spirit of this iconic day, we embark on a journey to learn from Marty's adventures and apply those lessons to address data quality in the business world. 

Just as Marty's actions set off ripples through time, we'll explore how address data accuracy—or the lack thereof—can create a ripple effect with profound consequences. Admittedly, Doc Brown did say something like, "Streets? Where we're going, we don't need streets," but he never said we didn't need reliable, clean, and comprehensive address data.

So, get ready to discover how better quality address data can ensure your business stays on the best timeline and avoid the "heavy" consequences of bad data and not "heavy" "as a result of a problem with the earth's gravitational pull." 

The Ripple Effect On Business Operations

Ripple effect on a mountain lake

Imagine this: Marty McFly's meddling with the past led to a chain reaction of events that altered his life and the entire McFly family. In the business world, a similar ripple effect can occur due to a lack of address data accuracy, resulting in delayed deliveries, returned shipments, frustrated customers, negative reviews, fewer customers, and a constant cycle of dissatisfaction.

Don't underestimate the financial impact either; the cost of such inaccuracies can be staggering when multiplied by a constant cycle of incoming erroneous data. To avoid negative ripples, businesses should prioritize address data accuracy.

Marty McFly's Lessons for Data Accuracy

Marty McFly's experiences in the past yielded both positive and negative outcomes, much like the effects of address accuracy in the corporate world. When he intervened in 1955, George McFly knocked out Biff and set off a chain of events that led to a happier, more prosperous 1985 for the family. In contrast, when 2015 Biff went back in time with Marty's sports almanac, he created a nightmarish alternate 1985.

Similarly, good address data can lead to positive outcomes, including efficiency, better communication, customer satisfaction, and the best possible 1985. Bad data, on the other hand, can drain resources, frustrate customers, damage your reputation, and lead to a future as stark as Biff's version of 1985.

Address Data Quality

To ensure your business stays on the path to success, consider Smarty's address tools. They're designed to clean up your address data, eliminating inaccuracies and preventing bad data entry right from the start. 

By validating and correcting addresses in real-time, Smarty's solutions help you avoid costly errors and create a positive ripple effect throughout your organization. The benefits are tangible and far-reaching, from reducing delivery mishaps to improving customer satisfaction.

Creating Positive Ripples in Your Business

Just as Marty McFly's actions profoundly affected his life, the accuracy of your data can determine the course of your organization's future. Address data solutions from Smarty are your time-traveling DeLorean, allowing you to avoid the adverse ripple effects of bad data. By prioritizing data accuracy, you can ensure that your business's timeline is one of success and growth. 

What does this all mean? As Doc Brown would say, "It means your future hasn't been written yet. No one's has. Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one."

Ready to take your data accuracy to the next level? Try out one of Smarty's free trials today and set your business on the path to a brighter future. Don't let data inaccuracies disrupt your timeline; let Smarty keep your operations running smoothly. Happy Marty McFly Day!

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