Smarty Java SDK

If you want to access our APIs (other than the Download API) from a Java application, the Smarty Java SDK can make it a lot easier. Our Java SDK includes ready-made data structures and takes care of all the gritty, low-level HTTP intricacies for you.


  1. Requirements
  2. How to Get It
    1. Maven
    2. Download the Source Code
  3. How to Use It
    1. Demo
    2. Examples
  4. API Reference Material


  1. Decide to build a software project using Java.
  2. Download and install Java 8 or higher.
  3. Build enough of the project to realize that you now need an address verification component.
  4. Wisely conclude that you don't want to build your own address verification component.
  5. Realize that Smarty has already created an address verification component.
  6. Congratulations! You are now ready to use the Smarty Java SDK.

How to Get It


The easiest way to get your giddy hands on this goodness is by using Apache Maven.

Just pop open your project's pom.xml file, and add


to the <dependencies> section.

Download the Source Code

You can find source code of the Smarty Java SDK repository on Github which contains many sample code snippets.

Use the source, Luke!

How to Use It



Here are a few examples showing how to use the Java SDK:

Ready to get started?