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Data fields
Data fields

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Every plan includes:

Legendary Support

Talk to a US-based team member with no lengthy waits or outsourcing.

Quarterly Updates

Smarty sends you the most up-to-date file each quarter for a full year from the date of your purchase.

Basic plan includes these 8 data fields:


Persistent identifier for an address. An address will retain its SmartyKey even in case of aliases and street name changes, and different addresses are guaranteed to have different SmartyKey values.

First Line

Contains the delivery line (street address). this can include the composition of primary number, street name, suffix, predirection or postdirection, secondary designator, or secondary number.


The USPS-preferred city name for this particular address.


The two-letter state abbreviation.


The 5-digit ZIP Code.

ZIP +4 Code

The 4-digit add-on code.

County Name

The name of the county for this address.

County FIPS

The 5-digit county Federal Information Processing Series code. It is a combination of a 2-digit state FIPS code and a 3-digit county code managed by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute).

Premium plan includes these 17 additional data fields:


The latitude and longitude decimal codes that enable you to pinpoint each address. Learn more


Directional information before a street name (N, SW, etc.)


Single Delivery Point address status. Many distinct addresses can share a delivery point, such as a loft of basement apartment. These have their own distinct address.

Geocode Precision

Indicates the precision of the latitude and longitude values. Learn more


Directional information after a street name (N, SW, etc.)


Whether an address is a secondary address.


R7 addresses are valid USPS deliverable addresses that don’t currently receive US Postal Service street delivery.

Street Name

The name of the street in each address.

Secondary Designator

Describes location within a complex/building (Ste, Apt, etc.)


Indicates whether an address is Residential or Commercial (according to USPS).

Street Suffix

Abbreviated value describing the street (St, Ave, Blvd, etc.)

Contains Secondary

Whether an address has secondary values at its location.

Primary Number

The house, PO Box, or building number.


Some addresses can be referred by several distinct street addresses, such as a building on a street corner that has entrances on both streets. We designate a “default” address and all others are “aliases.” Aliases share the same SmartyKey as the default address.

Amount of Secondaries

How many distinct secondary addresses exist at this location.

Secondary Number

Apartment or suite number, if any.

Link to Parent Address

Secondary addresses have a parent address. This field will display the SmartyKey of the parent address or blank if there is no parent address.

Additional add-ons can include:

Emergency Support

Top-priority support for your needs.

Dedicated Account Rep

A go-to Smarty representative for all of your needs.

VIP Onboarding

Awesome onboarding for enterprise-level accounts. Learn more


Can I purchase US Master Address Lists by state?

Yes, you can purchase the US Master Address List for one or multiple states. Contact Sales.

Can I keep the data I get from Smarty's US Master Address List?

For our US Master Address List, you’re allowed to keep the data while you have an active subscription. If your subscription ends, you’re required to delete the data. However, you have the option to purchase a perpetual limited-use license that allows you to keep the data after your subscription ends.

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