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How do I purchase US Secondary Address data?


If you're ready to buy, you can talk to one of our address experts and purchase Smarty's US Secondary Address Data. They can help determine the plan best suited for your organization's needs. So, why wait? Reach out to our fantastic team right now!

What counts as a US Secondary Address data result?


There are two ways to use your results with US Secondary Address Data. The first way is to request a count of all the secondary addresses at a primary location. For example, if an apartment building has 100 units and you request the count, Smarty would return the count of 100 units, which would be considered one result. The second result type returns a list of all complete addresses with complete secondary components. In this case, 100 results would be used.

What happens when my US Secondary Address data subscription runs out?


When you purchase US Secondary Address Data, you'll select auto-renew in your account. We charge your card or invoice you for a new batch of results and renew your subscription starting on the current date. We do this so the service is always available for you. Learn more at How Paid Subscriptions Work

What is the US Address Enrichment API?


While the product you purchased from Smarty is called "US Secondary Address Data", the API used to access the data is called the "US Address Enrichment API." This API can be configured to return either a count of all secondary addresses at a location or deliver a list of every address complete with secondary address data. Read our documentation here.

How accurate is Smarty's US Secondary Address data?


US Secondary Address Data uses Smarty's US Rooftop Geocoding to ensure you get the most accurate response possible. With the joint force of geocoding and secondary address data, you gain access to the SmartyKey™. The SmartyKey is a persistent, unique identifier assigned to every address that never changes despite frequent changes in street names and other address components.

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Firetruck with emergency lights on, behind two orange traffic cones. Three police SUVs behind the firetruck, all with lights on. Late at night on a highway.
Smarty has provided VOLO with fast & accurate geocoding services for over 10 years. The Smarty API provides real-time results as users enter location addresses.
Patrick KellyChief Financial Officer, VOLO
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