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Outstanding service and technical support! We use this API every day to verify addresses provided by our customers for online and phone orders and it has helped prevent costly returns and delays because of address problems. I also really appreciate their willingness to help non-profits like ours. Keep up the great work!!

Adam WallerIBLP

Every GeoReference plan includes:


Persistent identifier for an address. An address will retain its SmartyKey even in case of aliases and street name changes, and different addresses are guaranteed to have different SmartyKey values.

Census Block Place Accuracy

Indicates the precision of the Block Place.

Census Block ID

A 15-digit numerical code that identifies the block within a census tract.

CCD Accuracy

Census Count Division (CCD) precision.

Census Block Accuracy

Indicates the precision of the census block.

Place Type

Identifies cities and municipalities as incorporated or unincorporated.

Custom GeoReference plan can include:

ten million lookups icon

Over 10 Million Lookups

Plans to scale with your business from 5,000 to over 10 Million lookups.
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Custom Legal Terms (Add-on)

We can apply custom legal terms for your company.
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VIP Onboarding (Custom)

Awesome onboarding for enterprise-level accounts. Learn more
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HIPAA Compliance (Unlimited & Custom)

Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
ccpa compliance icon

CCPA Compliance (Custom)

California Consumer Privacy Act.
emergency support

Emergency Support (Custom)

Top-priority support for your needs.
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SOC2 Compliance

Industry standard 3rd-party audit that demonstrates our commitment to security and long-term sustainability.


How do I purchase Smarty's GeoReference data?

If you're ready for Smarty's GeoReference data, our address intelligence experts can help you find a plan to meet your needs. Don't wait. Talk to an expert today!

How do GeoReference subscriptions work?

All Smarty subscriptions expire when either you've exhausted your lookups or the plan term ends. In either case, Smarty automatically charges the card on file to renew the subscription. Learn more at How Paid Subscriptions Work.

What happens if I run out of lookups?

If you exceed your subscription level, we auto-renew your subscription or invoice you for a new set of subscriptions starting on the current date. Learn more at How Paid Subscriptions Work.

Is there a GeoReference subscription plan with unlimited lookups?

Smarty doesn't have GeoReference plans with unlimited lookups. Currently, GeoReference plans range from 180K lookups to 100B lookups.

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