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Unlimited Address Verification: All your wildest dreams have come true

Consider the following fact:

Because your usage of our LiveAddress API is (probably) determined by traffic and transactions from your customers, you may not be able to predict if your LiveAddress subscription will have enough lookups to match demand in any given month.

The obvious problem here is that, had you been able to predict the future, you might have been able save a good deal of money by purchasing fewer lookups. If thoughts like this keep you awake at night, you can rest assured that you will no longer need those sleeping pills!

While our annual plans are a significant discount compared to the monthly plans, we'd like to ease the financial and logistical burdens further for those users who anticipate high traffic on their sites. To do this, we will now be offering a more accessible and affordable unlimited annual plan . This plan is available from the LiveAddress product page as well as from your account .

With this plan you are allowed unlimited LiveAddress usage. Wait, what's that you ask?

Should LiveAddress subscribers be worried that this offer will become so popular that SmartyStreets' servers won't be able to handle the increased load?

How thoughtful of you to ask. Again, no need to lose sleep. Our infrastructure is configured in such a way that it's very easy for us to augment our processing capacity to meet demand. Bring it on.

Just imagine, once your unlimited annual subscription is activated, the only way you would ever encounter a subscription-related service interruption is if the credit card on your account expires. Of course, we will email you a reminder when renewal time approaches so that you'll have time to update your billing information.

And as an added bonus, those who purchase the unlimited annual LiveAddress subscription are also granted unlimited access to our CASS-Certified Scrubbing service. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today for unlimited address verification , and start saving money.

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