Address Verification for Fun and Profit: Using Go SDKWebinar Recap: SDK in Address Verification webinar covers topics from obtaining the SDK, to understanding the implementation. Read it for yourself!
Andrew Townsend
Andrew Townsend
April 26, 2023

In our recent webinar, Ryan Cox, one of our highly skilled API developers, walked through setting up and using the Smarty Go SDK. The webinar covered various essential topics, from obtaining the SDK to understanding the ins and outs of implementation.

Ryan explained that the Smarty Go SDK is easily accessible on GitHub. He then moved on to discuss the key differences between embedded keys and secret keys. Embedded keys are ideal for client-side applications because they provide limited access and don’t reveal sensitive information. On the other hand, secret keys offer more extensive access and are suitable for server-side applications.

One of the highlights of the webinar was Ryan's demonstration on spot-checking your code. He emphasized the importance of ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of your code before integrating it into your system.

Next, Ryan discussed the wealth of information that can be obtained from the Smarty SDK. The SDK provides valuable address data, and could be used for things such as address verification, address autocomplete, and geocoding services. This sort of data allows businesses to improve operations and enhance customer experiences.

In addition to the Go SDK, Ryan mentioned other available SDKs, such as Python, Java, Ruby, and more. He encouraged attendees to explore the various SDKs to find the one that best suits their needs.

Want to watch Ryan get everything set up? You can view the recording in its entirety here.

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