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When to use strict vs enhanced matching in your address APIArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on May 24, 2024
In our recent webinar, we invited Easton Gibson, one of our US Street API software engineers, to discuss key features of address validation and give insights into the functionalities of both strict and enhanced modes. Understanding strict modeStrict mode is precisely what it sounds like—it rigorously validates addresses against the official USPS database, ensuring that only fully accurate, postal-verified addresses are accepted. This mode is typically used for operations requiring high precision, such as legal or financial document dispatch.
Dealing with address data from multiple countriesArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on May 1, 2024
In our recent webinar, we hosted Jeffrey Duncan, our Technical Product Manager, who discussed the complexities and nuances of managing address data across various international formats. While seemingly straightforward, addresses are quite complex, especially when dealing with international data. Jeffrey highlighted the variability in address formats, which can range from the number of address lines to the order of address components, differing significantly from one country to another. For instance, while a US address typically follows a structured format, addresses in countries like Germany or India can have a completely different setup, impacting data entry and management.
Navigating the future: Geocoding & address data trends in the cloudArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on March 27, 2024
In a recent webinar, Berk Charlton, Chief Product Officer at Smarty, provided an in-depth look at our industry-leading address intelligence suite designed to provide highly accurate geocoding and address validation. Here are the main points Berk covered during the session:Comprehensive product suite: Smarty offers a wide range of products, including address validation, rooftop geocoding, global address auto-complete, and address data enrichment. These tools are designed to handle various aspects of address management and enhancement in industries from Insurance to Healthcare to Telecom and more.
Unlocking ecommerce success: Fabletics' journey with address autocompleteArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on March 20, 2024
In the growing world of ecommerce, providing a seamless checkout experience is key for customer satisfaction and conversion rates. Fabletics, a leading activewear brand, embarked on a conversion-improving journey with Smarty to enhance their checkout process. We recently hosted a webinar filled with insights from Mel Cummings, Vice President of Product Management and UX at Fabletics. Unlocking ecommerce successConsider this common scenario: your customer is navigating through an online checkout process, only to be thwarted by an error, often related to address entry.
How to get better property data for insurance Arrow Icon
By Ryan Muir on March 1, 2024
In a recent webinar, we brought in our Product Marketing Manager, Ryan Muir, to delve into the transformative potential of Smarty's property data solutions for the insurance sector. Before his work with Smarty, Ryan was a licensed insurance agent for a Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance provider. During his tenure, he worked closely with underwriters, brokers, agencies, and even program managers, giving him a comprehensive understanding of how insurance teams and companies utilize property data.
6 Ways telecom & internet companies leverage address dataArrow Icon
By John Hickey on February 14, 2024
In a recent webinar, we showed how address data tools help managers improve business performance in the following areas:Network PlanningAsset ManagementCustomer Acquisition and RetentionData BlendingMail and Parcel DeliveryFraud Reduction1. Network planningAccurate address data plays a critical role in overcoming network planning challenges. We presented solutions at each of the following steps in the network planning process: Clean existing address data with US Address VerificationKeep incoming data clean with US Address AutocompleteMap all addresses using our US Master Address List and hyper-accurate US Rooftop GeocodingAdd context to maps with enriched US Property DataAnalyze, get spatial insights, and make confident business decisions 2.
Smarty's 2023 address data deep dive: Trends, challenges, and breakthroughsArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on January 23, 2024
We recently hosted a webinar where Brent Francom and Jeffrey Duncan, two of our Product Managers, talked about the lessons we learned and the improvements we've made in 2023. Here are the highlights. When you process so many addresses, you see thingsWe processed 327 billion+ addresses in 2023, equating to nearly 900 million per day or over 10,000 per second. When you process that many addresses, you find many funny and interesting ones. We keep a "Wall of Shame" with funny and malformed addresses that somehow validate.
Webinar recap - Ensuring you have Project US@ dataArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on November 21, 2023
Smarty recently hosted an enlightening webinar on Project US@, a vital initiative in health information technology. The webinar, led by Wes Arnold, Team Lead of Product Marketing, provided insights into Project US@ and its significant role in patient data management. What is Project US@?Project US@ is led by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology in collaboration with HSC and AHIMA. The final version 1. 0 was released on January 7, 2022. The goal? The initiative's main objective is to establish a standard approach for representing patient addresses across all health IT systems.
Tips for setting up a geocoding API recapArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on November 2, 2023
Geocoding is converting a physical address into geographic coordinates with latitude and longitude. Accurate geocodes are critical for many applications—routing deliveries, analyzing insurance risk, mapping utilities, and more. In a recent webinar, Smarty's customer service specialist, Ben Rivera, outlined best practices for maximizing geocode accuracy using our APIs and tools. Here are some of the key takeaways:The Problem of Inaccurate Geocodes  Many common geocoding services provide ZIP Code or centroid-level accuracy at best.
Smarty's Excel & Google Sheets plugins for geocoding & address validationArrow Icon
By Landon Fackrell on September 26, 2023
Did you miss our recent webinar on how to use our new Google Sheets and Excel plugins for address validation? Don't worry; we've got you covered. This blog post provides an in-depth summary, highlighting essential functionalities, setup processes, and answers to some pertinent questions raised during the webinar.  The basicsWe want to make it easier for businesses to validate addresses and retrieve necessary data efficiently. While we do have a bulk validation tool that can be accessed as a demo or a full tool, we find that most people are already working with address data in a spreadsheet form, usually in Excel.
Address keys: 5 data management uses and how to choose oneArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on August 29, 2023
Address keys can be used to improve data blending, update and enrich addresses, reduce data processing time, and protect personally identifiable information. In this webinar, we brought in our product marketing manager John Hickey to teach about what they are, how they work, why they're crucial for data management, the different types available, what to look for in one, and what to avoid. Ultimately, John pointed out five primary uses for address keys:1. Update Address Changes2. Simplify Data Blending3.
Can you trust crowd-sourced address data?Arrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on August 24, 2023
Crowd-source data is a term that has gained significant traction in recent years. In a recent webinar, we brought in our own Adam Charlton to talk about what can and can’t be trusted when using Open Source or Crowd-Sourced address data. Defining crowd-source dataAt the outset, it's imperative to understand what we mean by crowd-source data. It essentially refers to data that is both gathered and curated by individuals. The distinguishing feature here is that the data's curation process isn't dictated by a centralized authority or stringent verification system but by the same community that's gathering and supplying the data.
Geocoding update: Accuracy, census block and tract, PUID & moreArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on August 4, 2023
Smarty has been creating top-notch address data tools since it's inception in 2011. A key part of providing the best location data and address data tools in the world is keeping those products at the cutting edge of the industry. We do this by adding new features, products, and solutions that our customers can use to improve their lives as often as we can. In a recent webinar, our Chief Product Officer Berk Charlton outlined some of the newest features we've added to our US Rooftop Geocoding tool.
How to measure, manage, and minimize technical debtArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on August 2, 2023
Spend enough time as a software developer, and you learn about the existence and pain of technical debt. Understanding, managing, and communicating technical debt is crucial. It allows us to build more maintainable software, improve our productivity, and even boost team morale. We recently hosted a webinar with one of our software development team leads, Kiersten Nelthorpe, and senior software developer Cody Robertson, where they gave valuable insights and strategies to help you deal with technical debt in your work.
Use ChatGPT to Write Better Code, FasterArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on June 28, 2023
In our recent webinar, we brought together two of our software engineer experts, Adam Charlton and Ryan Cox, to demonstrate how to build a working application using ChatGPT to generate most of the code. We know what you're thinking: ChatGPT can't take our jobs; we've tried. This is wonderfully true. ChatGPT can pull together useful bits of information but still needs to be guided and curated by a human, preferably one with subject knowledge. The exact working scenario given by Adam and Ryan was: Write code in Python that takes an address and delivers the ten closest addresses to that address.
The API Whisperer: How to Analyze Smarty's API Output Like a ProArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on June 6, 2023
Smarty's US Street Address API and International Street Address API provide a lot of output. Things like Carrier Route, Congressional District, geocode, eLOT sequence, timezone, and much much more are available with every address check. But there may be points of data that you are not entirely sure what it means, or how to use it. In a recent webinar, we brought Lyle Durland, Head of Support, and Jeffrey Duncan, Technical Product Manager, together to outline some of the more useful points of data, and how to interpret it.
Address Verification for Fun and Profit: Using Go SDKArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on April 26, 2023
In our recent webinar, Ryan Cox, one of our highly skilled API developers, walked through setting up and using the Smarty Go SDK. The webinar covered various essential topics, from obtaining the SDK to understanding the ins and outs of implementation. Ryan explained that the Smarty Go SDK is easily accessible on GitHub. He then moved on to discuss the key differences between embedded keys and secret keys. Embedded keys are ideal for client-side applications because they provide limited access and don’t reveal sensitive information.
The Legalities of Address DataArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on March 30, 2023
In today's digital age, businesses collect vast amounts of data on their customers, including their addresses. However, federal laws are yet to be enacted to protect consumers from businesses that misuse or from hackers who abuse personal data. Consumers looking for protection must, for now, rely on various State legislation and privacy protection laws. Businesses must keep abreast of the multiple laws governing consumer rights and take extra measures to protect consumers' personal information, including address data.
International Address Masterclass Webinar RecapArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on March 3, 2023
In this webinar, our international address expert Bryan Amundson went over the ins and outs of international address data. He gave details about country designators, transliteration, and other localized things to consider when working with international addresses. He also dove into how to tell how accurate your international data is and other international address hacks you didn't learn in primary school. What is an International Address? An international address is any address outside the country relative to your geographic location or the location of a specific business or entity.
Lessons Learned from Validating Over 440 Billion Addresses in 2022Arrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on February 1, 2023
On average, customers of Smarty process 2. 5 billion addresses collectively a day. If you were to count a single Cheeto for each address, that’s enough Cheetos to fill up 1,930 vans per day. If you were to start walking along the equator of the Earth and you took one step for each address, you’d make 38 trips around the planet. That’s a ton of address lookups. So with that much address data flying through our systems, we decided to host a webinar sharing some of the insights we’ve gained from the over 440 billion addresses that were validated in 2022.
Helpful Hints to Authenticating Your APIsArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on November 2, 2022
We brought out the big guns in the way of our Development Team Lead, Kent Gividen, in a webinar all about authenticating your APIs. He went over some of his most useful tips and tricks that he uses to ensure APIs are authenticated. Was it helpful? You betcha. You wanna get the SparkNotes? Read on. Common and Not-So-Common APIs to Know About Kent began by outlining the APIs that he has run into the most in his years as a developer. Some of them he dug into a little deeper than others, but these are all useful to be aware of.
Unlock Value in Your Address Database with MetadataArrow Icon
By John Hickey on October 4, 2022
Did you know that every address has loads of hidden data buried in its metadata? In this webinar, we briefly considered the value of breaking an address into its component parts. Then we looked at the different metadata available and provided definitions for each one. And finally, we went over use cases and ideas on how to leverage metadata for improved operations, business intelligence, and financial performance. There’s gold in your address metadata! Every address contains basic components that are standardized by country.
Why Do I Need International Address Validation?Arrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on August 30, 2022
With innumerable formats and unfamiliar spellings, standardizing and validating global address datasets can be a real pain. But it doesn't have to be. International Address Validation is an essential part of virtually every business that works with international address data. But how can you keep your address data in multiple countries accurate while not wasting your time and money? In our recent webinar, Jeffrey Duncan went over the details of international address validation. You can view the recording below, or continue reading for the quick recap.
Using A Master Address List to Improve Asset TrackingArrow Icon
By John Hickey on August 10, 2022
Companies purchase national master address lists to use in many ways for many reasons. Though some might assume the only reason to purchase a national address list is to blanket-mail or ship things to people not already in a company’s database, the lists are extensively used for asset location tracking, resource planning, market intelligence, operations optimization, business strategy, and decision making. Let’s take a closer look at the first non-mailing use case: asset location tracking.
An Advanced Look at US Autocomplete Pro APIArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on June 28, 2022
Improving address form completion rates—whether in a shopping cart, request for quote, or other form—can be a sinch if you’re using an address autocomplete tool. Not sure what that is? When you see an address line on a form and think “oh shoot this is going to take a minute” and then it fills it in after only a few keystrokes, that’s address autocomplete. And no, not all address autocomplete tools are created equal. Some check against their own address database only that is not frequently maintained.
Address Data Masterclass Webinar RecapArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on May 23, 2022
In this webinar, our geocoding and address expert Adam Charlton went over the ins and outs of address data. He gave details about address components and how they influence the way an address is composed. He also dove into the difference between ZIP9 and ZIP11, what a non-postal is, and other address hacks you didn’t learn in primary school. Standardization and Validation What exactly is a valid address? There are lots of different definitions depending on what your goal is with the address.
How to Identify the Right Level of GeocodingArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on May 12, 2022
Geocoding can unlock valuable business intelligence that is hiding in your address data. But how do you know what level of geocoding you would benefit from the most? Do you need rooftop data? Or maybe you just need parcel data? What about ZIP 9 geocodes? These are the questions Adam Charlton, one of Smarty's genius geocoding developers, set out to answer in his recent webinar. What Is Geocoding? Geocoding most typically means appending a latitude and longitude to a named location like an address.
5 Principles For Creating Stupidly Brilliant JavaScript ApplicationsArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on April 11, 2022
Have you ever tried to add a minor feature to your application only to discover that you’ll have to re-write large blocks of code first? Or maybe you’ve spent hours deciphering hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of lines of existing code just to find out a task only required two lines of additional code. If you’re like most developers, you’ve wasted countless, frustrating hours wading through immensely complicated code trying to force it to do things it wasn’t built for. In his presentation, Mike Manwill, Frontend Team Lead here at Smarty, discussed 5 principles to help you create stupidly-simple applications that are maintainable, extendable, and bug-resistant.