4 Ways Address Autocomplete Improves Insurance Quote Conversion RatesLet's talk about how using Smarty's Address Autocomplete API will reduce friction in your web forms and increase conversions. Read about it here!
Ryan Muir
Ryan Muir
February 24, 2023

Let's get straight to the point. If your company isn't converting clicks to sales, you're losing money.

But this you already know.

What you may not know is you can solve this quickly with address autocomplete on your web forms.

With major corporations everywhere holding mass layoffs, generating revenue has never been more urgent. Appealing discounts, deals, offers, etc. will attract visits, but if your web form is difficult to fill out, those clicks won't convert.

Let's talk about how using Smarty's Address Autocomplete API will reduce friction in your web forms and increase conversions.

Reduce Friction & Speed Up Checkout

How often do you hear, “Kids today just aren't as patient as they used to be.” All the time, right? Well, the truth is, we're all getting more impatient.

Our increasing reliance on smartphones, streaming services, delivery apps, and online shopping have conditioned us to expect lightning fast responses from everything. Ten years ago I was ecstatic that 2-day free shipping was an option. Today, if it's not offered, I won't buy.

People have the same expectation for instant results, and it even extends to insurance quote forms for prospects.

If your application form is too difficult or takes too long, your prospect is now a potential client for someone else.

Millennials are already the most uninsured of any generation. So even if you're their only option, they still might pass you over if your web form lacks the speed and convenience they expect.

Address autocomplete is a feature that can be added to forms via API and can automatically suggest valid addresses while the user types.

Smarty's US Address Autocomplete API doesn't just provide suggested addresses after a dozen keystrokes. With as few as 2-3 keystrokes, Smarty can have the correct address ready to select!

Smarty's Address Autocomplete fills the need for fast-paced convenience while reducing abandoned forms and increasing conversion rates.

Improve Address Accuracy

As of January 2022, smartphone traffic has overtaken desktop traffic. As much as we love our smartphones, they do come with tradeoffs. One of those is that the average person makes 5 times as many writing errors on their phone as desktop.

Most keyboard apps solve this with additional autofill features, but this fixes some problems and creates others. So when it comes to filling out addresses on web forms, those fast fingers make those same spelling errors. Only in this case, instead of some laughably incoherent sentence, the user provides you with false information, leading to incorrect insurance quotes and additional liability.

Users want convenience, but they also demand accuracy.

Smarty's Address Autocomplete provides that speed and accuracy. I already pointed out earlier how Smarty can suggest addresses in as few as 2-3 keystrokes. More importantly, Smarty provides the right address.

By using geolocation, Smarty can even restrict suggestions to specific areas. That way your potential client in Idaho won't get address suggestions in Illinois. These small errors are ones the user should be able to identify before submission. But expecting users to double-check their work is risky at best, so suggesting only the highest probability addresses from the first keystroke is important.

Smarty Address Autocomplete helps the user enter their information efficiently and accurately.

Ensure Address Data is Complete, Providing More Accurate Liability Quotes

In college, I never put my apartment number in my address when ordering packages. This way the package would be sent to the main office, where I could pick it up, instead of sitting in the cold waiting to be stolen.

This became such a habit, that when texting visitors my address, I'd forget to include the apartment number. This was always followed up by a passive-aggressive text “sooo… where exactly are you?”

A potential client may not find providing minute details such as an apartment number, suite, etc. But insurers know that every detail can impact the accuracy of their quotes. Smarty ensures all address information is provided when using address autocomplete.

The insured may not understand the risk of providing the wrong information. As an agent you understand this could void the insured's policy and land you and your agency in a world of hurt with the department of insurance.

Smarty gives your web form the tools to mitigate errors and ensure your client provides you with the right address, so your end of the contract is covered.

Not All Address Autocomplete Providers Are Equal

One major point I haven't gone over yet is that Smarty only provides valid address suggestions.

What does this mean?

This means Smarty ensures that any address selected through its tools, is a real address.

“Are you implying that other address autocomplete providers, like Google, provide false addresses?” Yes, actually.

The main issue with Google is it relies on public and private data as its resources. This opens holes for incomplete, or outright false information to be entered. Smarty is the address autocomplete tool that provides complete, valid information for every suggested entry. It's not just quick and efficient, it's trustworthy.

Customer demand for efficiency is never ending. Smarty helps speed your customers through the sign-up process with high-level address accuracy.

In short, insurance companies looking to improve their conversion rates should do the smart thing, and utilize Smarty Address Autocomplete with their web forms.

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