Does Santa Use Smarty’s Rooftop Geocoding?

December 7, 2022
Santa travels the entire world in 14 hours and needs to know exactly where to land his reindeer. That's why he uses Smarty. Read more to find out how!

You bet he does.

He kinda has to, there’s no other way he can get rooftop-accurate geocoding fast enough. The man travels the entire world in 14 hours and needs to know exactly where to land his reindeer.

Look, for a lot of people’s needs you could say that "parcel centroid" is good enough when it comes to address geocoding. Many houses are in fact in the center of the parcel. However, there are also many homes that are not in the center of the parcel.

Parcel Centroid (Other Guys):

Example of a parcel centroid geocode

Rooftop-Accurate (Smarty):

Example of a rooftop accurate geocode

For example, think of apartment buildings. If you have a large apartment property with multiple buildings, but both buildings share the same address barring "Building A/B" and then of course apartment number, Santa’s gonna park his nine-deer-powered vehicle in the parking lot and then end up running an exhausting amount of stairs.

"Smarty is a powerful address tool for any business which demands correct and exacting address data." - Reviewer on G2

His belly may still be the same size, but his calves are sure grateful for rooftop-accurate geocoding. And that’s just one reason that Santa has been using Smarty’s Rooftop Geocoding for years and years now.

Another reason he uses Smarty’s Rooftop Geocoding is that the data is frequently updated so if Timmy Thompson moves from Timpson Texas to Townsend Tennessee with a tiny bit of time left in the year, he’s still gonna get the right toy. What’s more, if for some rare reason, Santa is reviewing addresses and learns that there’s a bit of data off in the system, he can quickly access Smarty’s support team who will take the correct information offered and update it in no time at all.

"Excellent customer service! 10/10! I would let them date my sister." - Mike W. on G2

Being a person who truly cares about speed (again, need I mention he travels the entire earth in 14 hours?), Santa needs a tool that is as fast as him, or faster. Smarty’s Rooftop Geocoding tool can bulk process addresses up to 10,000 times faster than other geocoding solutions available.

We’re talking about the ability to process billions—no typo, actually billions—of addresses in a day. So in a pinch, Santa could check his entire address list again with less than a few days to go before he pours magic coffee into his traveling gift-giving support animals.

"Lightning-fast response time." - Suvansh A. on G2

The final perk that Santa leans on heavily is the fact that there are more than 15 million non-postal addresses in the Smarty Rooftop Geocoding database. This means Jolly Saint Nick doesn't have to rely on mailing addresses from the USPS or other postal services. The Smarty Rooftop Geocoding tool gives him geographic coordinates for over 12 million addresses beyond the 160 million addresses recognized by the USPS.

I mean, if he had to rely on mailable addresses only, he may as well mail all the gifts. But we’re talking about the man who strictly delivers gifts by way of a quadruped-powered magic ski vehicle. He’s not going to mail you your stuff. He wants to know where you are, not where you get your mail.

"It’s helpful for getting the physical addresses of people in really small towns." - Justin R. Smarty Employee

Yes there are other reasons Kris Kringle uses Smarty’s Rooftop Geocoding (QGIS plugin, built-in address validation and standardization, fixed and transparent cost, etc.) but I think you can learn more about those by visiting Smarty’s Rooftop Geocoding page.

And if you want to join Santa—and other companies from Allstate to Zillow—in using the best location data tools in the world, try Smarty.

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