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Celebrating Laser Day and the Precision of Modern TechnologyArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on July 6, 2023
Every July 11, technology enthusiasts, scientists, and curious minds come together to celebrate a milestone in the annals of scientific achievement - Laser Day. On this day in 1960, Theodore Maiman first operated the laser, introducing the world to a tool that would significantly shape industries, from manufacturing to healthcare. At first glance, lasers and processes like address validation, geocoding, address enrichment, and address autocomplete may appear worlds apart, relegated to vastly different domains.
Does Santa Use Smarty’s Rooftop Geocoding?Arrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on December 7, 2022
You bet he does. He kinda has to, there’s no other way he can get rooftop-accurate geocoding fast enough. The man travels the entire world in 14 hours and needs to know exactly where to land his reindeer. Look, for a lot of people’s needs you could say that "parcel centroid" is good enough when it comes to address geocoding. Many houses are in fact in the center of the parcel. However, there are also many homes that are not in the center of the parcel. Parcel Centroid (Other Guys): Rooftop-Accurate (Smarty): For example, think of apartment buildings.
Our Fast Processing SpeedsArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on July 8, 2022
Are you looking to use an API to verify addresses and convert them to latitude and longitude coordinates? Maybe you also need to standardize addresses in order to de-duplicate records across millions of addresses in your database too. That's right, we're talking about validating, standardizing, and bulk-processing geocodes with a geocoding API. There are several options out there, so let us tell you how *speed* sets Smarty apart from the rest. Smarty is fast. Now, we're not just talking about fast like Usain Bolt.
Evaluating Geocoding API Capacity and SpeedArrow Icon
By Davin Perkins on May 25, 2022
The right geocoding API can help your business reduce costs and increase profits through accurate location data. But how do you know if a service can handle your data needs? Capacity and speed are two key topics to consider when comparing geocoding services. You can find out more about all the questions you need to ask in our ebook, 8 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Geocoding API by clicking the link here: API Capacity and Speed: What You Need To Know The higher the capacity and faster your geocoding API works, the faster you can utilize that address data and make money.