Funny, Weird, Christmas, Scary, Crazy Street Names & Addresses

December 28, 2022
Check out this fun 30-min webinar as a panel of address experts joke & laugh about some funny, weird, Christmas, scary, crazy street names & addresses.

According to Smarty’s latest query of its US address database, there are 905,226 unique street names in the United States. And some of them are, well, entertaining (or disturbing).

Check out a panel of Smarty address experts who joke and laugh about some of the funny, weird, Christmas, Halloween, and crazy street names and addresses they’ve encountered in our webinar: Addresses: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Watch the Fun, 30-Minute Webinar Recording

Here’s a sneak peek.

Funny Street Names

How would you like to live at:

3A Hole Spur Alamo GA 30411

Careful how you read that out loud around children, people. The story goes that the postmaster renamed the street after a feud with 3 brothers that lived there. Fact or fiction? The webinar reveals all.

Weird Street Names and Addresses

Hey, monologophobians, don’t move to this weird address:

1485 NW Street St Wilson WY 83014

If you’re reading this address as 1485 NW Street Street, Wilson, WY, instead of 1485 NW Street, Saint Wilson, WY, you’d be correct. “Street” is the name of the Street. Some good folks in Wyoming get to live on Street Street. Weird, fun, or both?

Monologophobia? It’s the fear of using a word more than once in a single sentence. Street Street.

You kenophobians with a fear of open spaces, DON’T READ THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS:

102 W E ST Elkton VA 22827

You read it, didn’t you?

You really, really want to remove the spaces between the “W,” “E,” and “ST,” don’t you? We all do. But this address is really 102 West “E” Street. Note that “W E ST” is the preferred way of writing the address as it follows normalization requirements according to United States Postal Service (USPS) Addressing Standards.

Since we’re on a roll here with phobias, let’s not forget our friends, the Oudenophobians, who have fear of the number 0:

2351 County Road 0000 N Yale IL 62481

Really? Yep, there must be all 4 zeros in the address instead of just 1. Why? It’s one of many address mysteries.

Christmas Street Names

Get Christmas cheer year-round. Just move to any of the 8,973 addresses in the United States with “Christmas” in the name. Plus, there are many more addresses with Christmas themes. Here are a few examples:

3 Santa Cir Johnston RI 02919

998 Copperhead Ln Santa ID 83866

101 Santa Claus Ln North Pole AK 99705

123 Elf Rd North Pole 88888

Recognize that last one? It’s the official address of Operation Santa by the USPS. Kids write letters to Santa and send them to the address, which is actually in Washington, DC. (Shhh, our little secret.) You adopt a letter and help a holiday wish come true. Warning - you might get joy from participating. We hope you will.

overhead view of houses

Scary Halloween Street Names

Would you avoid buying a house on Shades of Death Road? One of our webinar attendees did. If you read about the origins of the name, you might agree he made a good choice. Zoinks Scooby, let’s get out of here while we still can!

overhead view of houses

Here are a few more scary street names:

  • 50 Scary Ln Hillsville VA 24353
  • 105 Hellgate Dr Missoula MT 59802
  • 101 Bucket of Blood St Holbrook AZ 86025

Bucket of Blood Street? Sounds like a 17th-century Transylvania address. But it’s really here in America and part of our 19th-century wild-west, rootin tootin cowboy lore. The road got its name from the Buckets of Blood Saloon, so renamed for the murders that made the floor slick with a “bucket of blood.”

Have a look at the street from Google Street View:

overhead view of houses

Crazy Street Names

Is crazy now en vogue? Not in the case of this address:

2181 29 ½ 29 ⅞ Ave Birchwood WI 54817

This street address reads 2181 twenty-nine and one half twenty-nine and seven eights avenue. “So awesome!” said no one ever who lived there.

You know what’s crazier than this address? Smarty’s ludicrous, best-in-industry address validation processing speeds. We have a plan that validates up to 75,000 addresses per second in the cloud. Need faster? We got you. Really.

Also, check out the benefits of US address autocomplete and US address geocoding.

Thirsty for More?

Want to see the shortest address? How about the longest? Would you rather live on Del Diablo St or Jesus Loves You Way? Take a quick peek at our webinar for more street name and address shenanigans.

Let us know if you liked the webinar.

All you cats stay cool out there. See you on the flippity flop.


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