Mastering International Address Verification and Autocomplete with Smarty

Andrew Townsend
Andrew Townsend
December 12, 2023
Mastering International Address Verification and Autocomplete with Smarty

With over 240 countries supported, each with unique address formats, language variations, and data complexities, verifying international addresses is no simple task.

We recently hosted a webinar about the slippery mess of standards and exceptions that make up international address data.

We brought in experts Caroline Roweton, product manager, and Acacia Warner, a backend software engineer, to guide attendees through the maze of mastering international address verification.

Crumbling Under Bad Address Data 

International addresses may appear straightforward on the surface, but chaotic complexities lurk underneath. Every nation has its own addressing system - from apartment numbers based on floor and unit in South Korea to six-digit postal codes in Mexico.

Throw in variations in language, missing information, and user errors, and you have a recipe for disaster. Bad address data disproportionately affects businesses as they grow, inflating costs, hampering efficiency, and causing revenue loss.

That's why getting address verification right, especially internationally, is mission-critical.

Smarty to the Rescue 

Luckily, Smarty offers a full suite of global address solutions powered by machine learning. Our unique approach accurately standardizes, validates, transliterates, and geocodes international address data. 

As shown through live demos, Smarty’s tools effortlessly handle addresses in languages from Japanese to Spanish. We saw first-hand how customizable parameters and user-friendly SDKs enable seamless integration. You can view the full recording below to see these demos or check out our live demo here.

Our vision is to connect people and businesses across borders through accurate addressing.

The Future of Addresses  

What was covered in the session about the international address verification journey was just the beginning. With globalization showing no signs of slowing down, complexity will only increase. But with Smarty's robust and ever-evolving products, companies worldwide can look forward to higher-quality customer experiences.

Try out the international API here.

View the entire recording.

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