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4 Ways Address Autocomplete Improves Insurance Quote Conversion RatesArrow Icon
By Ryan Muir on February 24, 2023
Let's get straight to the point. If your company isn't converting clicks to sales, you're losing money. But this you already know. What you may not know is you can solve this quickly with address autocomplete on your web forms. With major corporations everywhere holding mass layoffs, generating revenue has never been more urgent. Appealing discounts, deals, offers, etc. will attract visits, but if your web form is difficult to fill out, those clicks won't convert. Let's talk about how using Smarty's Address Autocomplete API will reduce friction in your web forms and increase conversions.
Address Autocomplete Shortens Insurance Time to QuoteArrow Icon
By Wes Arnold on January 12, 2023
Insurers know the colossal importance of being accurate. A simple error could create an outstanding difference in results. At the same time, the customer wants speed. The modern lifestyle is fast paced, and any need that isn't met instantly is an inconvenience. Businesses and their investors need to find the most efficient solutions to providing accuracy, without slowing down the near instant return to the customer. Accurate Risk Assessment and Faster Quotes In today's insurance world, where convenience is king, the fastest quote wears the crown.

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