Smarty™ Expands US Address Database to Over 210 Million Delivery Points

Trent Howell
Trent Howell
February 21, 2023
Smarty's total list of US valid addresses reaches over 210 million, the most complete, commercially-available US address dataset in the nation. Check it out now!

PROVO, Utah--Smarty, a leader in location data intelligence, announced a significant upgrade to its US Address Verification - Enhanced Matching product by adding 5 million addresses to its list of U.S. non-postal addresses, increasing total non-USPS addresses from 15 million to 20 million. With the additional addresses, Smarty’s total list of U.S. valid addresses reaches over 210 million—the most complete,

US Address Verification - Enhanced Matching validates and standardizes the messiest of addresses, and easily integrates into most systems. With speeds of up to 75,000+ addresses per second, organizations can quickly validate and standardize datasets of any size without sacrificing accuracy.

"When a U.S. government agency needed to verify hundreds of millions of addresses per hour, they chose Smarty,” explained Berkley Charlton, Chief Product Officer at Smarty. "We were the only company with the capacity, accuracy, and coverage to meet their specifications. Further, they were able to integrate our API within 24 hours and begin processing 75,000 addresses per second to standardize address data, weed out faulty addresses that cause errors, and more."

Smarty’s 20 million non-postal, valid addresses increase Smarty's total valid U.S. addresses by 10.3% over the 193 million available through the U.S. postal data alone. Organizations leveraging Smarty's product update will see improvements in data quality, business decisions, operational efficiency, and geographic coverage that lead to reduced costs, liability, inefficiency, and complaints.

"Comprehensive, accurate address data is key to improved operations and decision making. And Smarty’s 10.3% increase over USPS data is a big deal. This means you have more available customers, less exception processing, more reliable data, better business decisions, and fewer operational problems,” stated Charlton. “In the current economic climate, there’s a lot of uncertainty. Everyone needs to optimize their processes and identify ways to run a tighter ship, and better address data could be the difference between weathering the storm and sinking.”

The most recent update to Smarty's address validation represents one of many iterative steps in their ever-improving processes. Future updates will include additional points of address metadata and further improvements to speed, uptime, reliability, & match rates.

Charlton continued, “The need for constant, incremental improvements to our address validation is paramount because it’s core to every Smarty product. Poor data blending, returned mail, lost technicians, rerouting, fraud, customer service calls, and bad business decisions are all symptoms of bad addresses. With better addresses and location data, you’re empowered with a competitive edge across the entire organization.”

To experience Smarty’s Address Validation - Enhanced Matching, visit their demo or sign up for a free trial.

About Smarty

Smarty is a leader in location data intelligence—providing a suite of enterprise-grade products including master address lists for the US and address validation, auto-complete, and geocoding services in 240+ countries and territories. Smarty's customers process billions of addresses daily through easy-to-use website tools, SDKs, and fully-documented APIs.

More information about Smarty can be found at here.

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