Unlocking Ecommerce Success: Fabletics' Journey with Address AutocompleteExplore Fabletics' journey to higher conversions with Smarty's address autocomplete. Gain insights on enhancing checkouts from Mel Cummings at Fabletics now.
Andrew Townsend
Andrew Townsend
March 20, 2024

In the growing world of ecommerce, providing a seamless checkout experience is key for customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Fabletics, a leading activewear brand, embarked on a conversion-improving journey with Smarty to enhance their checkout process. We recently hosted a webinar filled with insights from Mel Cummings, Vice President of Product Management and UX at Fabletics.

Unlocking Ecommerce Success

Consider this common scenario: your customer is navigating through an online checkout process, only to be thwarted by an error, often related to address entry. This frustration isn't trivial; it can lead people away from a purchase and potentially leave a bad taste in their mouths about your company.

The consequence? A significant portion of consumers abandon their carts, leading to lost opportunities and, more importantly, a potential loss of customer loyalty.

This challenge is particularly pronounced in mobile commerce, where the majority of interactions occur. With limited screen real estate and the inherent complexities of typing on mobile devices, the probability of errors—often referred to as 'fat-fingering'—skyrockets.

For Fabletics, this posed a tremendous risk to the 80% of their customers who use mobile devices to shop. By simplifying the address entry process, they not only mitigate the risk of errors but also significantly expedite the checkout process, thereby directly contributing to enhanced conversion rates.

Fabletics' Journey with Smarty

The hypothesis was straightforward yet ambitious: by simplifying the online checkout and offering an expedited, hassle-free flow, Fabletics could notably improve conversion rates and, equally important, enhance their members' satisfaction.

To do this, they identified three core objectives. 

  1. Increase conversion rates / minimize cart abandonment
  2. Increase successful deliveries / decrease returned packages
  3. Increase customer satisfaction

Incorrect address entries not caught by existing verification systems led to undelivered packages and, subsequently, a cascade of customer service interactions to rectify these issues. This was more than an operational hiccup; it was a direct threat to the brand experience, particularly detrimental to the first impressions of new customers.

A single mishap in delivery can tarnish the meticulously built trust and rapport with a member.

To address these challenges, they recognized the need for a robust address auto-complete solution, one that could seamlessly integrate into the checkout flow, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. After a thorough market analysis and a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) process, Smarty emerged as the ideal partner. Smarty's user-friendly approach, coupled with comprehensive support and a track record of reliability, aligned perfectly with Fabletics' needs.

The Results

The integration of Smarty's robust address autocomplete solution into Fabletics' checkout process led to impressive results that far exceeded expectations. Across the board, from global markets to specific regions, the uplift in conversion rates was not just notable; it was groundbreaking.

Starting with the global footprint, the German market experienced a significant 3.6% lift in conversion rates. France followed suit with a 1.6% increase. These initial results were promising, showcasing the positive impact of the address autocomplete solution on enhancing the checkout experience for members.


However, the truly remarkable success stories emerged from Canada and Spain. In Canada, they saw an astounding 15% lift in conversion rates. Spain mirrored this success with a 9.6% increase in conversions.

Turning to the United States, the results continued to impress. The lead conversion rate for male customers saw a 2.4% increase, while the shapewear customer segment increased by 2.8%. These figures were particularly encouraging, given that these segments represented relatively new expansions within Fabletics' brand portfolio.

Beyond the immediate uplift in conversions, the long-term benefits of integrating Smarty's address autocomplete solution have been equally impressive.

"We've managed to sustain the increased conversion rates and, importantly, reduce transaction times, continuously enhancing the shopping experience for customers," Mel said.

Key Takeaways for Ecommerce Businesses

For businesses considering similar enhancements, the key advice is to conduct a thorough internal analysis, including the examination of costs associated with misdelivered packages and customer service overheads. This data-driven approach can help quantify the potential ROI of implementing address intelligence solutions.

You can watch the full recording and breakdown of Fabletics’ journey here:

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