Smarty Named a Finalist at The SaaS Awards for Excellence in Shipping, Inventory, and Vehicle Logistics CategorySmarty named as finalist in The Saas Awards
Trent Howell
Trent Howell
August 22, 2023

August 22, 2023 - PROVO, Utah - Smarty, the location data intelligence leader, has secured its place as a finalist in the prestigious 2023 SaaS Awards program, competing in the category of Best SaaS Product for Shipping, Inventory or Vehicle Logistics.

Now celebrating its 8th year, the SaaS Awards continues to recognize and honor outstanding SaaS innovations from all corners of the world. Entries from hundreds of companies spanning North America, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Australasia were received.

Smarty's suite of address APIs offers lightning-fast, dependable, easy-to-implement, and highly accurate address data intelligence solutions, including address validation, address autocomplete, and geocoding for US and international addresses. Some of the world's largest shipping, inventory, and vehicle logistics companies, including DHL, Walmart, and FedEx, rely on Smarty for their critical operations.

"Smarty is one of the most accurate of the more affordable address data solutions,” said Brady Anderson, CEO of SalesRabbit, a vehicle routing logistics software provider for outside sales teams. "Being able to accurately position prospect data on the right homes is a key part of our company. Smarty is a big component of us accomplishing that for our customers.”

Berkley Charlton, Chief Product Officer at Smarty, expressed, “Being recognized as a finalist in The SaaS Awards 2023 is a testament to our team's dedication and the trust our clients place in our solutions. We're honored to be nominated in the Best SaaS Product for Shipping, Inventory or Vehicle Logistics category and remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in address intelligence.”

The winners of The SaaS Awards will be notified on 13 September 2023.

As The SaaS Awards 2023 received hundreds of entries from across the globe, the program promises to return in 2024, continuing its tradition of recognizing international SaaS excellence across various industries.

James Williams, Head of Operations at The SaaS Awards, said: “Each year, we see an explosion of competition and brilliant ideas in every submission. The finalists this year promise an exciting contest in the last stage of the program. Selecting the ultimate SaaS winner solutions among these exceptional entries will definitely be a challenging task."

To explore the complete list of finalists, please visit their finalist list.

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