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Smarty & Uber partner on address intelligence for global servicesArrow Icon
By Trent Howell on May 7, 2024
May 7, 2024 - PROVO, UTAH - Smarty, a preeminent provider of address data solutions, announced today its service partnership with Uber Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: UBER), providing accurate, real-time address data for the ride-sharing leader. Smarty's comprehensive address intelligence services will bolster Uber’s extensive address data capabilities across its global operations, encompassing ride-sharing, meal delivery and local courier services. Jonathan Oliver, CEO of Smarty, said, "It’s evident Uber has the highest commitment to delivering delightful customer experiences and operational excellence.
Smarty launches US GeoReference Data, providing the easiest, most accurate API needed to access census tract and blockArrow Icon
By Trent Howell on April 10, 2024
PROVO, Utah, April 10, 2024 – Smarty, the address data intelligence leader, announces today the launch of US GeoReference Data, a set of updates to Smarty's US Address Enrichment solutions. US GeoReference Data is a cloud-native solution that will allow organizations to append the geographic data found in U. S. Census Block and Tract information into accurately geocoded addresses.  Smarty’s US GeoReference Data offers a simple and rapid solution for accessing essential geographic details such as Census Blocks, Tracts, location names, statuses, and additional Census ID information—mirroring the capabilities of the FFIEC Geocode tool.
Enhance property risk analysis with Guidewire and Smarty’s new Guidewire Marketplace appsArrow Icon
By Trent Howell on December 18, 2023
December 18, 2023 - SAN MATEO, Calif. and PROVO, Utah – Guidewire (NYSE: GWRE) and Smarty™ announced that the new Built by Guidewire Smarty integrations are now available to ClaimCenter and PolicyCenter Cloud users in the Guidewire Marketplace, enabling insurers to enhance property risk analysis. Smarty’s suite of cloud-based address data intelligence solutions helps insurers analyze risks with accurate property attributes, geocodes, and addresses. Its US Rooftop Geocoding solution rapidly delivers the exact location of a structure on a property, enabling insurers to more accurately gauge a property’s risk level.
Smarty earns silver at Best in Biz Awards 2023 for Support Department of the YearArrow Icon
By Trent Howell on December 13, 2023
We're delighted to announce that Smarty has been honored with the Silver Award in the Support Department of the Year category at the 13th annual Best in Biz Awards. We want to emphasize what this recognition means for you, our customers and partners. At Smarty, our primary focus is providing the best supported, documented, and easiest-to-implement address APIs and data. Winning Silver in the Support Department of the Year category speaks volumes about our commitment to delivering an outstanding customer experience.
Smarty named among Utah's Top 2023 WorkplacesArrow Icon
By Trent Howell on October 30, 2023
October 30, 2023 - PROVO, UTAH - Smarty, a leader in address data intelligence, has been named one of Utah's Top Workplaces for the second consecutive year. Salt Lake Tribune announced a total of 166 Utah businesses that have been recognized. Smarty ranked 17th of the 81 companies with fewer than 125 employees. Nominations are based entirely on employee feedback surveys administered by a third-party service. The anonymous 24-question employee questionnaire measures 15 cultural driving elements like advocacy, alignment, collaboration, and inclusion.
Smarty launches Enhanced US Property Data with 350+ attributes, empowering better business decisionsArrow Icon
By Trent Howell on October 4, 2023
October 4, 2023 - PROVO, UT—Smarty, the address data intelligence leader, announces today the launch of its US Property Data product with more than 350 property data points. Smarty's US Property Data and Address Enrichment API includes financial, structural, and locational data to enhance business risk analysis and inform strategic investments. "Accurate property data play a crucial role in various industries, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and enhance their operations," said Berk Charlton, Chief Product Officer at Smarty.
The story behind Smarty's upside-down banners at BYUArrow Icon
By Andrew Townsend on September 19, 2023
Have you ever walked past those upside-down Smarty banners at BYU and wondered, "What's going on here? Did someone make a mistake? Is somebody getting fired?"We know it really shook some people up. Smarty™ isn't a company that stays inside the most standard lines when it comes to advertising. From hiring the wrong Tom Cruise for our video ads, to posting ads in magazines with the tagline "don't scan this QR code," we've never really fit the standard mold. And the upside-down banners at Brigham Young University are yet another one of those moments.
Smarty named a finalist at the SaaS Awards for Excellence in Shipping, Inventory, and Vehicle Logistics categoryArrow Icon
By Trent Howell on August 22, 2023
August 22, 2023 - PROVO, Utah - Smarty, the location data intelligence leader, has secured its place as a finalist in the prestigious 2023 SaaS Awards program, competing in the category of Best SaaS Product for Shipping, Inventory or Vehicle Logistics. Now celebrating its 8th year, the SaaS Awards continues to recognize and honor outstanding SaaS innovations from all corners of the world. Entries from hundreds of companies spanning North America, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Australasia were received.
Smarty Helps Insurers like Sapiens with Accurate Location DataArrow Icon
By Trent Howell on June 27, 2023
June 27, 2023 – PROVO, UTAH - Smarty, the location data intelligence leader, has teamed up with Sapiens, a global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, to help insurers take their business-critical location data to the next level. With access to Smarty's cutting-edge tools, Sapiens customers can now transform the way they underwrite policies, manage risk, and process claims. Leveraging Smarty's technology allows insurers to refine risk profiles, write more profitable policies, insure properties more effectively, and improve the claims lifecycle while simultaneously reducing costs, risk, and liability.
Smarty Named as Data Intelligence Leader Across Address Verification and E-Commerce CategoriesArrow Icon
By Trent Howell on May 23, 2023
PROVO, Utah--Smarty, a leader in address data intelligence, today announced that it has been named an industry leader, receiving 22 awards and top honors across address verification and e-commerce tools categories in G2's Spring Report. Awards and rankings originate from customer feedback and reviews, highlighting the best software products for businesses. Smarty ranked first amongst over 50 address verification services, honored with recognition in the following areas: - Leader - Easiest To Use - Most Implementable - Easiest Admin - Best Results - Best Relationship - Best Usability - Highest User Adoption - Best Meets Requirements - Momentum Leader G2's address verification category awards are based on customer feedback and verified reviews from nearly 1,000 customers.
Smarty™ Expands US Address Database to Over 210 Million Delivery PointsArrow Icon
By Trent Howell on February 21, 2023
PROVO, Utah--Smarty, a leader in location data intelligence, announced a significant upgrade to its US Address Verification - Enhanced Matching product by adding 5 million addresses to its list of U. S. non-postal addresses, increasing total non-USPS addresses from 15 million to 20 million. With the additional addresses, Smarty’s total list of U. S. valid addresses reaches over 210 million—the most complete, US Address Verification - Enhanced Matching validates and standardizes the messiest of addresses, and easily integrates into most systems.
Smarty Named Among Utah's 2022 Top Workplace by Salt Lake TribuneArrow Icon
By Trent Howell on October 31, 2022
October 30, 2022 - PROVO, UTAH - Smarty, a leader in location data intelligence, has been named in the Salt Lake Tribune as a top workplace for 2022. A total of 155 businesses were recognized. Smarty ranked 17th of the 76 companies with fewer than 150 employees. The list is based entirely on employee feedback surveys administered by a third-party service. The anonymous survey measures 15 cultural driving elements like alignment, execution, and connection. In contrast to the record-breaking volume of resignations in the tech industry, Smarty’s year-over-year employee retention remains above 93%.
New Feature: Log into Smarty with Your Google AccountArrow Icon
By Davin Perkins on October 11, 2022
You've asked for it, and now you’ve got it. The next time you log into your Smarty account, you’ll see the option to log in to Smarty using your Google account. Merge an Existing Smarty Account with Google Merging your account with your Google account will not affect your available lookups, security keys, or any other part of your Smarty account. Merging your Smarty account will: * Increase security by reducing the number of managed passwords and how often you have to enter your password.
Smarty Named Among Fastest-Growing in Utah Valley by BusinessQArrow Icon
By Trent Howell on October 6, 2022
October 6, 2022 - PROVO, UTAH Smarty, a leader in location data intelligence, was named in the 2022 UV50 as one of the Fastest-Growing Companies in Utah Valley. Smarty ranked 22 on the annual list by business Magazine with a 3-year growth rate of 142 percent. Organizations like FedEx, NASA, Microsoft, DHL, and businesses of all sizes rely on Smarty’s address verification, autocomplete, geocoding, and enrichment for over 240 countries & territories. In 2022, Smarty surpassed 2 trillion total addresses processed and 2.
Smarty Unveils High-Accuracy QGIS Geocoding PluginArrow Icon
By Trent Howell on June 22, 2022
Smarty Unveils Unmatched QGIS Geocoding Accuracy with Release of Geocoding Plugin - US Address PROVO, UT - June 21, 2022 - Smarty, a leader in location data intelligence, announces today the release of their QGIS Geocoding Plugin for US Addresses to provide an easy way for users of the popular GIS software platform to validate, standardize, and convert addresses to their latitude and longitude coordinates (geocodes). The plugin allows manual address entry as well as batch geocoding via CSV. Millions of people worldwide use QGIS to map, visualize, and share geographic information.
Smarty Releases 193 Million Addresses in New US Address ListArrow Icon
By Trent Howell on June 7, 2022
JUNE 7, 2022 - PROVO, UTAH - Smarty, a leader in location data intelligence announces the release of its new US Master Address List, a comprehensive dataset of 193 million standardized and verified primary and secondary addresses that are all deliverable by the USPS. With new construction, the list will soon top 200 million. The Smarty US Master Address List is the most complete and accurate list of mailable US addresses available. Additional data points like whether the delivery point is residential or commercial, parent addresses and associated apartments or suites, shared delivery points, ZIP+4 Codes, and FIPS Codes all provide valuable business insights.
SmartyStreets Announces Rebrand to Smarty - Early 2022Arrow Icon
By Trent Howell on December 14, 2021
PROVO, UT - SmartyStreets, a leader in location data intelligence, announces today a comprehensive rebrand to Smarty. The new branding is a reflection of the rapidly growing spectrum of forthcoming products related to location data intelligence. Founded in 2011, SmartyStreets began with a simple mission to offer smart street address validation software for the United States. Focusing on street data made the name ‘SmartyStreets’ a logical fit. Subsequent product releases in the fields of geocoding, reverse geocoding, and address autocomplete began to move SmartyStreets from just street data into the broader category of location data intelligence.
Better UX with International Address AutocompleteArrow Icon
By Trent Howell on October 19, 2021
Provo, UT - Smarty, a leader in location data intelligence, is pleased to announce the release of International Address Autocomplete to help companies better serve their global customers and users.   Smarty International Address Autocomplete predicts global addresses in real time while users complete forms with address fields. Whether companies use address forms for customers on a website or for employees via internal applications, International Address Autocomplete streamlines the data-entry process through predictive analytics while the user types.
Cass vs. NCOALink Certification Article Now LiveArrow Icon
By Davin Perkins on September 29, 2021
We get a lot of questions about USPS CASS certification and how it differs from NCOALink certification. They are both methods of address validation that originate with the USPS. While they look the same and smell the same (probably), they are in fact, very different. Even still, these methods are frequently confused, conflated and equated. So, we decided to cut the confusion and answer all your burning questions about CASS and NCOALink. Here is some of stuff that future you (who has read the article) already knows: * When you notify the USPS that your address has changed, NCOALink only hangs onto those updates for 4 years.
Smarty inks deal with all BYU female student-athletesArrow Icon
By Trent Howell on September 21, 2021
Provo, UT - Smarty, a leader in location data intelligence, is pleased to announce entering into name, image, and likeness (NIL) agreements with all female student-athletes at BYU that could surpass $2,000,000 in benefits paid to the athletes.   At a special event held on Tuesday, September 21, Jonathan Oliver, Founder and CEO of Smarty, extended this opportunity to all student-athletes on BYU female sports teams. This is the first opportunity presented to all female student-athletes since the NCAA rules changes went into effect in July.
SmartyStreets Adds 15 Million US Addresses and Better Match RatesArrow Icon
By Trent Howell on July 20, 2021
July 20, 2021 - PROVO, UTAH - SmartyStreets, a leader in location data intelligence, announces the release of the new US Address Verification - Enhanced Matching. Enhanced matching successfully verifies the messiest of addresses and includes 15 million additional valid addresses not found in the USPS address database. The new enhanced matching engine successfully validates and corrects more ill-formatted addresses than ever before. Corrections include greater varieties of misspellings, redundant text, incomplete addresses, and sloppy data.
New Hyper-Accurate US Rooftop Geocoding and US Reverse GeocodingArrow Icon
By Davin Perkins on September 22, 2020
September 22, 2020 - PROVO, UTAH - SmartyStreets, the leader in location data intelligence, announces the release of their US Rooftop Geocoding and US Reverse Geocoding. These new products will provide customers with the highest precision geocodes available in the market today. Most other geocoding providers provide “parcel-centroid” geocodes. That means that the geocodes are approximations of the center of a property or parcel. While providers in the past have called their geocodes “rooftop accurate,” in reality, their geocodes are often quite far from the actual rooftop of a property.
New Autocomplete Service Improves Data Quality and Entry SpeedArrow Icon
By Davin Perkins on May 28, 2020
May 28, 2020 - PROVO, UTAH - SmartyStreets, a leader in location data intelligence, announces the release of the new US Autocomplete Pro API, a service that improves data governance at the source and simplifies address data entry in real-time. The US Autocomplete Pro API starts suggesting valid addresses as soon as the user first starts typing an address. All addresses suggested are 100% validated and standardized, and are returned to the user in a fraction of a second. Additionally, the API can determine if an address should also include a unit number, and will suggest valid unit numbers to the user accordingly.
SECURITY ANNOUNCEMENT: Removing Old TLS VersionsArrow Icon
By Jonathan Oliver on October 17, 2019
TLS (and its predecessor SSL) are cryptographic protocols that provide authentication and data encryption for clients connecting with web servers. As new vulnerabilities are discovered, older cryptographic protocol versions are deprecated to maintain secure environments. On Tuesday, January 21, 2020, Smarty will require clients to use TLSv1. 2 or greater to connect with Smarty APIs without interruption. Clients using TLSv1. 0 or TLSv1. 1 will no longer be able to connect. Please refer to our documentation for more information: https://www.
2018-11-13 Incident Post-Mortem ReportArrow Icon
By Jonathan Oliver on November 16, 2018
At approximately 1:30 PM Mountain Time (3:30 PM Eastern) on November 13, 2018, we observed a significant latency spike from our external monitoring tools that we configured to access our load balancing tier of our cloud-based APIs. These monitoring tools provide full, end-to-end testing and are meant to simulate a complete user experience with our application. By design our systems can easily process in excess of 25x the usual amount of traffic we receive. We do this because of our customer usage patterns wherein we may observe a 10-fold increase in traffic within a short period of time—usually a few minutes or even a few seconds.